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What’s Your Number?


Life shouldn’t be about any number.
Not your weight, height, age, salary, stats, awards, or net worth.
Not the number of friends, partners, followers, etc. you have or had.
Be who you are.
Be who you want to be.

What’s Your Number? highlights the extreme perils of reading some of those shallow, bizarre articles and quizzes in woman’s magazines.

Follow the journey of a young woman, Ally Darling (played by the delightful Anna Faris) who has made what she thinks are wrong turns along the road to find out who she can be.

Luckily Faris has an eccentric and coincidentally gorgeous neighbour played by Chris Evans to help her. Nice to see him without a superhero outfit. Ummm, yeah, ok…


Lots of funny and bizarre moments from the amazing: Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation), Andy Samberg, Martin Freeman, Zachary Quinto, Joel McHale, Blythe Danner, Ed Begley Jr., Anthony Mackie, Aziz Ansari, etc.

This romcom is definitely formulaic, trite, and terribly obvious, but also surprisingly funny and thought-provoking.



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