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Expect the Unexpected

 1love5 Human beings have an interesting quirk, we tend to see what we expect to see. Good or bad.

1. We left our car empty, so we expect no one will be in it when we return.

2.  We assume people are telling the truth, even if they’re adding a lot of details.

3. When we buy or consume things, we expect them all to be safe and working properly.

4. We expect people to be nice or at least respectful.

5. If we see a child at our door or hear a baby crying, we expect they need help, not someone trying to trick us into opening our door.

6. We expect our government to do what’s in the best interests of all of their citizens.

7. We expect our child not to go off with someone, or that they’ll know who and how to ask for help.

And the so much more.

1black28Reading Becca Fitzpatrick’s disturbing new thriller, Black Ice (Simon & Schuster) I expected thrills and chills, but actually alternated between goosebumps and groans of exasperation. I wanted to scream at the prey, I mean, protagonist, aaargh really?!? Fitzpatrick knows exactly how to write books that capture and keep her readers, and this latest novel could also serve as a how-to handbook for things teen girls shouldn’t do. Black Ice points out how easily we see what we expect to see, even ignoring our gut feelings screaming hysterically.

You’d think we’d have become more cautious, but in a world of instant gratification, the lure of easy, fun, and exciting is hard to resist.

Seeing what we expect to see may cause side effects such as but not limited to: rationalizing, justifying, minimizing, denial, pain, or even death.

A useful gift this Christmas, especially for women, would be Black Ice (not the kind on the road in winter) and maybe throw in The Gift of Fear and Protecting the Gift by Gavin de Becker, for good measure.1black27

I know it’s unpleasant to think people aren’t what they appear to be, but wouldn’t you rather know the truth?



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