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Time Wounds All Heels


"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana." ~Groucho Marx

Time heals all wounds.
Time wounds all heels.
Killing time.
Give it time.
The sands of time.
Time on our hands.
A race against time.
Wasting my time.
All in good time.
Find the time.
Going down to South Park gonna have myself a time.

We sure are obsessed with time. Clocks, calendars, apps, books, movies, poems, idioms…Is it because there never seems to be enough of it? Or because we feel its loss so acutely?

I love my son, but his Asperger’s is a time-stealer, not only from me, but himself which is why when I saw the title of this book, The Time Bandit by Edward G. Brown (Greenleaf 1time7Book Group) I was intrigued. I’m sure you know people who steal your time and even if it’s unintentional, we can be time bandits as well.
The book itself wasn’t all that new or unique, but the ideas were well-presented, articulate and detailed; perfect for organizing your time at work or home. The biggest time stealer of all? Distractions and there are more everyday. It doesn’t matter how organized we think we are, we can all do with ways to use time more effectively.

As for time wounding all heels, that’s what The Marx Brothers said and we all know how wise they were.

Next time you say, “Do you have a minute?” or someone says the same to you, remember, there are only 1440 minutes per day, don’t steal too many, or have them stolen. I don’t know if time is a friend or enemy or frenemy, all I really know is, you only have the time you have.

“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.” ~Groucho Marx




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