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These Foolish Things

1foolish15It was quite late when I watched the film, These Foolish Things. I fancied this would have been a funny and interesting episode of The Walking Dead…well, except Andrew Lincoln was too clean, there were no zombies, and most notably, he didn’t kill anyone, not that it wasn’t tempting for him, I’m sure.

Then my mind jumped to how cool it would be, if the other actors in the movie, like Terence Stamp and Anjelica Houston showed up in an episode of The Walking Dead – people might not be so scared of the zombies then.

These Foolish Things, a fine movie based on the hilarious Noel Langley novel, There’s A Porpoise Close Behind Us, or as an alternate title to parts of my life.

I wish this adaptation was less melodramatic love triangle and more humour, although letting Terence Stamp have a go at it worked, in a big way.

1foolish10I don’t know if it was conscious decision, but next I rewatched the latest Sense and Sensibility, starring David Morrissey and Dan Stevens, which in my tired brain made me think of combining The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey…hmm, The Downton Dead?

I love the Emma Thompson version of Sense and Sensibility, but this adaptation is more visceral with substantial intensity and sensuality, implied of course, this is Jane Austen after all. Austen was able to extend and express herself, you can really feel the frustration of the women as their circumstances are reduced, but with no ability to raise them up, except to the glass ceiling of marriage.

This timeless tale of love found and lost and found again is a classic for a reason, it doesn’t matter how many adaptations, the power of Austen’s story shines through.

Still on the subject of Jane Austen and zombies, I was pleased to hear the movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies based on the book by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith (Quirk Books) has begun filming.

The cast is an intriguing mix: Matt Smith (Doctor Who fans know him as the 11th Doctor).1dead14 Charles Dance and Lena Headey from Game of Thrones. Father and daughter again? At least they’re used to a high body count. Lily James (Rose from Downton Abbey), Bella Heathcoate, Sam Riley, Douglas Booth, Jack Houston and more. Natalie Portman, unfortunately, is going to produce instead of star, as was originally suggested.

I love Austen, but I’m not a purist, I think it’s cool reading or watching genres collide.

It’s not such a stretch, death during the Regency period was a complicated matter.
Women weren’t allowed at funerals because of their delicate sensibilities yet somehow that fragility didn’t extend to preparing the deceased.
Speeches weren’t allowed in graveyards because it was consecrated ground.1dead6
Cages or concrete slabs on graves, under certain circumstances, even stakes through the heart – all intended to prevent premature resurrection (oh my!).
Posed photos of the dead.
All the literature and folklore concerning the dead…
Zombies would have fit right in.

Over 200 years ago, Jane Austen gave the world Pride and Prejudice.

5 years ago, it was reanimated, ready to take a bite out of the world…



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