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The Monuments Men

1george10So I noticed George Clooney is getting married again…and not to me, again.

While I wish them all possible happiness, for me, The Monuments Men and One Fine Day will have to do; I don’t think my stomach is up to Gravity

The Monuments Men painted a whole other picture of World War II. Of course, watching it I thinking of Jon Stewart’s interview with Clooney which deteriorated rapidly until they were discussing how if only Hitler had gotten into art school WWII might never have happened, and how it was probably the interview portion that kept him out of art school…and then things got ugly funny. Still Life! But I digress.

1george7Clooney has a wide range when it comes to his acting and directing. He’s gone from The Facts of Life to ER to a huge movie career. Known for his sense of humour and passionate activism, he’s obviously swoon-worthy, especially his smile, fully crinkled at the corners of his eyes, yet I’m always a little disappointed when these activist stars live in huge houses and throw lavish events; not good for the environment and waste a lot of money. Just seems like a weird disconnect.

“It is amazing how the world can change, he thought, during the life span of a fruitcake.”~Robert M. Edsel
“It is amazing how the world can change, he thought, during the life span of a fruitcake.”~Robert M. Edsel

 Based on a true story, a film like The Monuments Men can easily come across as propaganda.  Like the book, The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History by Robert M. Edsel it has some historical inaccuracies, including not being clear that there were over a dozen nations involved in the MFAA (Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives program), some military facts, and that there were many Monuments Women, not just men. While The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC took the lead, many, working together saved millions of stolen treasures.

1george21Struggling to fight a war and free countries from horror and tyranny, these people go into the fight to save art. Huh? Why would art count? Here’s the paradox, it does. Art, literature, music, architecture, culture – these inspire, they make us understand that life isn’t just about shelter, food, procreating; even cave dwellers expressed themselves through drawing because it’s not enough to be, we have to express that we were.
Despots work at taking away people’s history, their dreams, their excellence because they know it breaks their spirit. Tyrants know that to rule they must subjugate, and the best way to do that is to take what matters to people, their freedom, their hope, and their dreams.1george18Brilliant cast, fun to see Clooney with John Goodman (both in Roseanne) and Hugh Bonneville – in case you haven’t heard, Clooney is going to make a guest appearance in the Series 5 charity Christmas special of Downton Abbey where he will play a handsome American businessman who has a moment with Maggie Smith…lucky Mags. I particularly enjoyed Bill Murray and Bob Balaban, but I didn’t feel we got to know the characters well and the pace of the movie seemed at times jagged. Written by George Clooney (who also directed) and Grant Heslov I would have enjoyed this more as a TV series or miniseries where we could have focused per episode on the characters as they went their 1george23separate ways to search for the stolen treasures.

This movie reminds us how quickly what we have and what we are can be taken, not just by war, but by greed, lust for power, neglect, acceptance, compliance, inattention, and mostly, taking it for granted.

As for One Fine Day, George Clooney and the kitten, am I right?



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10 thoughts on “The Monuments Men

  1. Hi there, I saw you stumbled upon my crazy little blog. Have bee without internet for a week so that´s the reason of the late response.

    Geory George… a lot of movies he get´s too political which I don´t watch them but yesterday I saw “Gravity” he and Sandra Bulloc, good movie and this one the “Monument man” still have to see, don´t know if it´s got to Spain yet so I´ll check it out, if it has it does seem like one I would like.

    About him not marrying to you, no worries at all, I´m single and ready to mingle, I have more wealth than he does………..well at least in my little heart if that can count for something.

    Glad you stumbled upon my blog, I see you have a whole bunch of categories for me to explore which I like, although I have gotten into this poetry thing, I just got hooked with it and reading other poets. But as I say, since I should have stayed in the university now this wordpress thing is my free online university. I always find something in each blog I can use in my own writings or just for the heck of learning new things. I even follow and viceversa pastors! And I´m probably the worst Christian out there….maybe not the worst but some improvement definately needed. But is interesting some of the words they use(the pastors), the phrasing of things, and their perspectives. This is just one example,then is photography blogs, funny blogs, crazy blogs, you name it I probably follow it. So I´ll be dropping by if you don´t mind to do what I call “my cool stalker moves”. Have a great day!


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