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Summer takes a bow and hands the stage to Autumn

Leaves crunch beneath my shoes, a trail of summer’s end.fall21
Skies translucent and composed until rain visits again.
Nights come sooner now to add crisp breath to my sleep.
Summer takes a bow and hands the stage to Autumn.

The other thing I like about this time of year is the Fall TV line-up, so while I’m ill and not up to enjoying its beauty I thought I’d do a blog version of a clip-show, cough cough, hack, gargle, cough.

I’m already getting to know some of the shows; some relationships will clearly last longer than others. Meeting some new ones soon: Gotham, Scorpion, The Flash, Gracepoint

blackl3Looking forward to the return of some old friends,
definitely a shiver of anticipation for The Blacklist
Can’t wait to see what trouble Emily/Amanda, Nolan
and all the rest will get into this year on Revenge

I love comedies, but laughing now, with razor blades in my throat, doesn’t sound too appealing.
Still, the shows must go on…This Hour Has 22 Minutes; The Rick Mercer Report;
The Big Bang Theory
Yet another hit and miss season of SNL;


Family Guy and American Dad
Giggling with Mindy Kaling (so Bridget Jones) and the hilarious cast on The Mindy Project.
Back to following Dean and Sam in Supernatural…they’re funny, watch it.

Mooning for mystery, wit and sleuthery with
Murdoch Mysteries
and eventually Sherlock


Awaiting the ferocious fairytale attacks in Once Upon A Time and Grimm

Ready to go marauding with Vikings


Wondering who or what will arise in Resurrection

wd9And am I the only one counting the days until the return of The Walking Dead ? 23.

Just realized this list goes on and there probably isn’t enough time to watch them all…I may have to make some tough choices.

My other addiction is books, while waiting for the return of Sleepy Hollow I borrowed a copy of Sleepy Hollow Children of the Revolution by Keith R.A. DeCandido (Broadway Books) from
In Sleepy Hollow the lines between fact and fiction blur significantly. Historical facts cleverly smushed together with fictional elements make for a fierce ride even if there wasn’t a headless horseman.1sleepy4
References in Children of the Revolution lead me to believe it takes place between Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mill’s adventures, The Golem and The Vessel, although tie-ins aren’t always linear; either way it’s another step toward saving us all from the apocalypse – oh apocalypse, why do you stalk the human race so? It was a rhetorical question, I watch the news.
DeCandido cunningly gives us a glimpse of the changes in not only Ichabod Crane’s world, but ours as Ichabod ponders the large amount of people he now interacts with, all the time. He feels awash with strangers. We truly are awash with strangers (some much stranger than others) and now we’ve made it so we’re constantly in touch with everyone, 24/7/365.
DeCandido managed to convey the cool shadowy cinematography a la X-Files within the printed word, but I did miss Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane), he’s terribly lovely to look at and that accent, oh my, somehow Ichabod’s archaic and pretty speech is better onscreen; it just sounded overly flowery in print and I thought it bled into some of the other characters. Luckily I could conjure him in my brain as I read. TV and movie tie-ins are awkward, too much time spent summarizing and explaining, but I did like the nods to Sleepy Hollow, it made me want to visit some more.


Ichabod Crane: That building used to be a livery stables.
Lt. Abbie Mills: Yeah? Well, now it’s a Starbucks. Where they make coffee.
Crane: And that building is also a Starbucks?
Mills: Yep.
Crane: Well, how many are there?
Mills: Per block?
Crane: Is there a law?



Very me

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      1. Mr. Fantastic, that’s the way I think of him from The Fantastic Four, his name is actually Ioan Gruffudd. I looked it up, Judd Hirsch too. Could be really great. We’ll see soon. 🙂


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