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To Ice Bucket or Not To Ice Bucket

1bucket2I didn’t pay much attention to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

I was busy with my pet rock who was wearing neon crocs, while eating a cronut, listening to Emo stopping just long enough to take a Selfie of myself solving a Rubik’s Cube (or not) while I washula hooping Gangham Style in my zoot suit.

A ‘fad’ for a good cause is still a fad, but if dumping a literal bucket of cold water on people’s heads is what it takes to wake people up and care, so be it…pour away!!!


Charities have to do some pretty fancy and sometimes weird Cause Marketing’ to get people’s attention these days. People take Selfies and videos of themselves all day anyway, why not do it to raise money?


Though this started as the Cold Water Challenge for cancer, daring people for charity caught on for ALS in a big way. Now it’s the celebrity cause du jour.

What’s Right With This Challenge:

1. Hopefully it raises awareness of ALS and other causes.

2. Raises money for ALS and puts people in a charitable mood to give to charities that need it.

3. Distracts people from all the problems of the world.

4. Makes people laugh.

5. Some people have fun pouring cold water on people.


What’s Wrong With This Challenge:

1. Terrible, terrible, terrible waste of water. Water, especially clean water is precious.

2. You should donate to a cause because it means something to you, want to, see a need, it’s urgent, etc. For example, I’m going to guess that most people can’t even name a two symptoms of ALS, even after taking this challenge.

3. Distracts people from all the problems in the world.

4.  ALS is a horrible disease, but thankfully it’s also rare, unlike cancer, diabetes, heart disease, poverty, violence, and so much more.

5. Worst of all, I think could be that it makes people think they’re actually doing something useful instead of donating their time, skills, connections, money, etc. to causes. Viral Activism and Slacktivism rarely lead to real change.


Fads come and go.
They’re fun, distracting, something to talk about, think about, like these:
Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Kids, Silly Putty,
Slinky, Boomboxes, Napster, Atkins,
grunge, troll dolls, disco, flappers,
1bucket10waterbeds, Heelys, The Macarena,
thongs, earth shoes, moon boots,
bellbottoms, Beanie babies, break dancing,
8 track tapes, Minecraft, Paranormal Activity,
fanny packs, Segway, Obama Girl,
We Are The World, Figwit, Product Red,
The Kardashians, seamonkeys, bottled water,1bucket15oxygen bars, Bratz, jelly shoes, slap bracelets,
low-rise jeans, Tamagotchi, planking, flash mobs,
Three Moon Wolf, iPods, hidden cash, memes,
Duck Dynasty, Pokemon, glass eating, hair eating,
twerking, Furby, MySpace, Angry Birds, mopeds,
Occupy, Hipsters, jumping beans (actually, larvae),
Tickle Me Elmo, yoga pants, stirrup pants,
bomb shelters, zombies, zumba, flag pole sitting,

1bucket131bucket12Tea Party, Twitter, crystals, Harlem Shake,
speed dating, Beta, dancing baby, The Ring,
Grumpy Cat, Livestrong, YOLO, juicing,
Keep Calm and (insert whatever here),
Blair Witch Project, cinnamon challenge,
goldfish gulping, online & text slang, Farm Aid,
Drive-Ins, various hairdos, Facebook, Band Aid,
Spice Girls, Coke and Mentos, Kony 2012, smoothies,
fingerless gloves, The Snuggie, Wassup!, Instagram,
Jersey Shore, iPhone, chicken dance, trivial pursuit,
and too many more to list.


So do this challenge or not, just remember, if you want to make a real different, pour a figurative bucket of ice water over your head and go be the change you want to see.


That being said, Leonardo DiCaprio, (filming an environmental documentary in Alberta to expose the truth about the tarsands), challenging Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper to do the ice bucket challenge: priceless.
Just in case DiCaprio couldn’t get any cooler, now he’s iced.




Very me

16 thoughts on “To Ice Bucket or Not To Ice Bucket

  1. From someone who’s sister was diagnosed with ALS three years ago, I do see what your saying and agree to a point, although I am happy for the awareness it has brought even for a short time. But awareness comes from all different sources. I’m wondering how many have read your post? And you didn’t dump water over your head. So thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, awareness can come from many sources as can support.
      I’m so pleased that this is bringing awareness and resources, I just hope people feel charitable and share with others who need it as well.
      I hope a lot of people read it and help those with ALS and other issues.
      No, I have Fibromyalgia, I can’t imagine the pain a bucket of ice would bring.
      Best wishes for your sister and all of you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Seeing you mentioned “waste of water”, there’s a tiny Scottish island with 100 or so inhabitants which has an automatic mains water leak detector. According to the news, it switched off and had to be reset by engineers 5 times because so many people were using so much water for the challenge the detector thought the mains had sprung a leak.


  3. You have a good point–they’re wasting precious water! 😉 I really like the Homer Simpson ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (since it was more than just ice-cold water that fell on him, lol).


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it.
      For me finding other blogs, like yours has been the best part of blogging.
      And it’s always wonderful to find another book lover.
      I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.
      Thank you again and thanks for dropping by. 🙂


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