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Jump The Shark


Another Shark Week has swam away from The Discovery Channel, but fear not, the shark thrills, chills, myths, and weird people swimming with sharks will linger.

Now if you like sharks and think they get a bad rap, some sharks shows may not be for you. Instead watch or rewatch Rob Stewart’s Sharkwater and Revolution.

Do not watch Sharknado or Sharknado 2  (SyFy) if you were looking for reality of any kind. I thoroughly enjoyed the carnage, and that was just the horrible overacting. The shark stuff was just silly.

Where Sharknado was fresh and bizarre, Sharknado 2 could have been easily subtitled That Went South So Fast – that includes the acting, CGI sharks, and storyline.1shark7

But who can resist seeing Wil Wheaton get his head ripped off by a flying shark? Kelly Osbourne and Kelly Oxford eaten by sharks, on a plane?
Who doesn’t want to see Judd Hirsch driving a taxi again?
Robert Hays as a pilot with lots of not-so-subtle Airplane! jokes.
Kelly Ripa, Gelman, Matt Lauer, Al Roker as themselves, with sharks.
They slid in, there’s something on the wing of the plane (would have been ultra-classic if they’d managed to get William Shatner or John Lithgow to say the line, a full-on Twilight Zone moment & referenced again in 3rd Rock From The Sun).
Mark McGrath and Kari Wuhrer as Martin and Ellen Brody (think Jaws). Ian Ziering (90120 fame) as Fin. The cameos and quirks never stop and of course, Sharknado 3 can’t be far behind.


One of the best parts was the teaming up of director Anthony Ferrante and Robbie Rist as the band Quint (yes, the nails on the chalkboard character Robert Shaw made so famous in Jaws) doing a tribute to The Ramones with (The Ballad Of) Sharknado; which will have you humming along fairly quickly and possible giggling.

Caution: May contain extreme cheesiness. Will jump the shark so often the expression may have to stop being used.


So when you’re watching all these shark movies and documentaries, just remember, be careful what you fish for.

Sharks are beautiful, elegant, precise creatures that will probably outlive us all, if they can outlast us as we slaughter them senselessly.
1shark9Instead of fearing them or cutting their fins off to make soup, etc., find out how cool they are.

Sharks are a brilliant example that you should always wear your critical thinking cap when watch TV or movies, listening to the news, or listening to anyone…you may not be getting the whole tooth.

Remember, we’re visiting their home when we go in the ocean.

Be nice, someday they may become Landsharks.



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6 thoughts on “Jump The Shark

  1. Jump The Shark
    Sharks do a really good Discovery Channel or a great movie. They
    are one of those things that you don’t usually think of when you are
    swimming in the Ocean or boating there. They are really a great creature
    but you don’t want to get in their way…..


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