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The Leftovers

1left1HBO is really pushing their new series, The Leftovers.
Eerie press kits, tweets, commercials, videos, lots of stills of Justin Theroux shirtless – working all the angles.

Created by Tom Perrotta (based on his book of the same name; excellent as well) and Damon Lindelof this is a world of After.
After the sudden departures of 140,000,000 humans.
After realizing you’ve been left behind.
After you process the loss.
After you accept they’re not coming back.
Then what?


This series isn’t about the Suddenly Departed or The Rapture or alien abduction…I doubt they’re ever going to tell us where the people went.
It’s not really about The Gone at all.
It’s about who’s left and how they go on.
How would you cope if people just disappeared? Family members, friends, celebrities, leaders, etc.

1left2As audiences we’re now used to post-apocalyptic worlds, but this one has some intriguing differences.

1. It looks like our world. Still families, jobs, parties, teen angst, cults (I hope the GR isn’t just a big brand placement for big tobacco), stores, bureaucracy (yes, even new government departments and jobs for Departure Related issues), religion, despair, hope, etc. – but all have even bigger question marks.

2. People are all coping with the losses in different ways, just as they do now, but on a much larger scale.

3. No zombies, unless you count The Leftovers who seem to be going through the motions of life without being fully conscious.

4. No releasing weapons of mass destruction, no deadly outbreak, no alien invasion, no walking dead, no catastrophic event of any kind…2% of the world’s population just disappeared.


Yet this is exactly how we feel when someone who we love dies, or leaves, or stops being there for us. They’re gone, we’re left behind, but at least there’s sometimes an explanation, sometimes.


The cast is interesting, a strange mix that seems to work: Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman, Christopher Eccleston (so weird to watch The Doctor with an American accent), Scott Glenn, Liv Tyler (who’s your Daddy?), Chris Zylka, Margaret Qualley (hit the gene jackpot with parents Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley), Paterson Joseph, Carrie Coon, Amanda Warren, Ann Dowd, Michael Gaston, Max Carver, Charlie Carver, Emily Meade, Janel Moloney, etc

This is the first HBO series not exclusively produced by them, actually obtained from an outside studio, Warner Bros Television. An adventurous new direction perhaps or running out of ideas?

Thinking of The Leftovers my mind used to jump to food which I may or may not eat depending on time and situation, now I’ll think #GracePeriodIsOver and #StopWastingYourBreath …and food.

This series starts slow, but soon has you hooked, almost before you know it.

1left10Best line so far?
I get the Pope but Gary ?#@! Busey? How did he make the cut?



Very me

10 thoughts on “The Leftovers

  1. I may have to watch this show. I bought Perotta’s book, but haven’t yet read it. Maybe I can “get into” the story via TV! 🙂


  2. Okay, first of all, this story is right in my wheelhouse – people vanishing? Tom Perotta a la Little Children (great writer!)? JUSTIN THEROUX?? (Loved him in BOTH roles he played on Sex and the City) Chris Eccleston? Man, I haven’t even heard of this one! Time to search for it.


  3. The Leftovers
    This is an excellent show…it takes us to places that most people don’t want to go.
    The cast is excellent and HBO has a bit hit!


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