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Pinocchio’s Perks and Perils of Lying


As a child, most of us were told not to lie.
Lying was wrong.
I’m terrible at lying, which is difficult in society where lying has become an art form, definitely a prerequisite for some jobs such as politician, businessperson, lawyer, reality show celebrity, actor, etc.
Now lying is only said to be wrong or bad.
Politicians lie to us. We not only accept it, we encourage it by keeping them in power, and sometimes even re-electing them.
We watch reality shows where to win you have to lie, cheat, manipulate and are rewarded and lauded for it.

1pin14People lie to save face, cover up, avoid reality, shift blame, evade criticism or confrontation, or to control a situation.
Some people lie for financial or other gains or just to get their own way.
Some lie for social management.
Some people lie compulsively.
Some enjoy manipulating people.
I think the people we lie to the most, is ourselves.

Appearances have become a lie.
False eyelashes, fake nails, breasts, tan, hair colour, hair; face-lifts, injections, cheek and butt implants, make-up, corsets, spanx, and air-brushing to smooth out what all the other stuff can’t cover up – soon we’ll all be hazy images so no one can see what nature has given us. We worship at the alter of youth and beauty, even if it’s not real.1pin17

Reading Pinocchio The Vampire Slayer: The Complete Edition (Dusty Higgins, artist/creator and Van Jensen writer; Top Shelf Productions, previously by SLG Publishing) I started thinking not only how funny and clever these graphic novels are, but how in this modern morality tale Pinocchio is rewarded for lying by having a weapon to destroy vampires. Many books, TV shows, movies, etc. deal with lying in various ways. I borrowed this book from Netgalley; for bloggers out there, this is an amazing place to get great digital editions free. Check it out

One of my favs is Lie To Me (Fox) with the incredible Tim Roth. Only 3 seasons, if you didn’t watch it, I suggest you do. Intense, cause Roth never gives anything but intense, this show skillfully highlighted the barrage of lies we struggle through and tell each day.


A fav movie about lying is The Invention of Lying (Radar Pictures/Media Rights Capital/Universal) starring the hilarious and libidinous Ricky Gervais (written by Gervais and Matthew Robinson). Imagine a world where everyone tells the truth. Now imagine it imagined by Gervais.


I guess I’ve thought a lot about lying, my son has Asperger’s Syndrome and he believes the truth is King.
Which brings us to what does ‘the truth’ mean. I was always taught there was your truth, my truth, and the truth. That’s pretty complicated.
Lying is much simpler, not telling the facts.

The perils of lying? People will stop trusting and believing you, but these days the perks of lying seem to outweigh the perils.
Lying can get you money and power with few or any ramifications…at least in the short-term.
Maybe lying has increased because we can’t handle the truth, it’s too scary, too painful.
Maybe if our leaders told us what was really going on we couldn’t cope.
I’d rather know and make informed choices.


1pin15Imagine how confusing it must be to grow up in the world today. You’re told not to lie, but all around you, home, school, government, business, social media/internet, movies, TV, books, video games – all lying and getting stuff for it.
I guess we should ask ourselves WWPD?

So, what’s your favourite book, movie, or TV show about lies?



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12 thoughts on “Pinocchio’s Perks and Perils of Lying

  1. Whenever I think of media which deals with lying, I think about “Meet the Parents” when Greg Focker kept on lying about everything to his fiance’s family (including his real name which was Gaylord). 😉


  2. Lying is one of those things you do, when you want to go out and party and your young and living at home. Lying is the time you lie to get into a bar and there are so many other lies I can think about. I know it’s wrong but it’s hard not to lie. When you get older you then realize that lying can hurt somebody, and it could be yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. Wow, I really appreciate that. Easy to support such a great blogger. I humbly accept and am honoured to do so. I don’t know when I will get to all these awards, but I greatly appreciate them. Thank you. 🙂


  3. Very well said.
    It seems we are becoming so immune to all the lies being told around us, that when we encounter a character in a book, movie etc who is upfront and honest, it’s almost foreign … and yet refreshing, like they are hopelessly innocent.
    If I could have a super power, I would want to be able to discern when someone is being forthright or lying through their teeth.


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