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Dead White and Blue

1dead1Maybe you didn’t watch The Walking Dead when it first aired in 2010.

Maybe you were too young to watch it.

Maybe you’ve been watching other things.

Maybe you don’t really like zombie shows, but everyone keeps telling you that you should be watching The Walking Dead.

Maybe you want to know why people talk about: Daryl, Rick, Michonne, Carl, Lori, Andrea, The Governor, Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Sophia, Merle, Beth, Maggie, Hershel, Dr. Jenner, Glenn, Shane, Duane, Morgan, Axel, Judith, Sasha, Bob, Tara, Eugene, Milton, Dale, Gareth, Abraham as though they’re family and friends.

Maybe you’re just curious.

Maybe you’re bored.

Or maybe you just want to relive it all over again…

The Walking 1dead3Dead, based on a comic book series by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore w/ Charlie Adlard, Rus Wooton, Cliff Rathburn, Stefano Gaudiano (Image Comics) follows a group of survivors, the main focus Sheriff Rick Grimes (played in the AMC series by Andrew Lincoln), in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The show isn’t just about zombies, but about the people, how they survive in this new and terrifying world.

Then of course there’s the aftershow, Talking Dead starring The Nerdist, Chris Hardwick and various guests talking about, you guessed it, The Walking Dead.

Starting Friday July 4th all 4 seasons plus goodies will air on AMC as a marathon so you can catch up, or watch it again, or watch something else.

If you’re a fan you won’t want to miss Sunday July 6 at 9pm when Talking Dead does a Season 5 Preview Special so we can have a nibble of what our intrepid apocalyptic outlivers of the zombies are up to; that might tide us over until October 2014.
Showrunner and executive producer Scott M. Gimple and actress Aisha Tyler join Hardwick to dish about all the zombie and human happenings in and around Terminus… like brains through the hourglass so are the Days of our Zombies.


Then Tuesday July 8 and Tuesday July 15th fans can sink their teeth into 2 new documentaries about The Walking Dead, showing how the show is made and going to zombie summer school.wd50

So if you can pull yourself away from your BBQs (saw no if Denise Crosby offers you some),
looking at the flowers,
fireworks (careful, that noise would not only attract a zombie horde, but cover their approach),
and the endless reshowing of Independence Day,
Dead White & Blue is perfect for you.




Very me

14 thoughts on “Dead White and Blue

      1. I agree! I do have zombie dreams once in awhile for a zombie fix but they’re never as good as the Walking Dead. The last dream zombies could be defeated by sprinkling red clover blossoms on them!


  1. I’ve only seen the first two series as the channel which aired it decided not to buy any more 😦 Once it’s older it should show up for free streaming, hopefully.

    One thing I’ve always wondered – is Andrew Lincoln’s American accent quite authentic, or does he still sound British? (I have the same question about Hugh Laurie in “House MD”!)


    1. I think the British can still tell they’re British, but I think they both do an amazing job, especially with the speed they have to deliver their lines. There are always words here and there that don’t sound quite right. Australians seem to have a more difficult transition.
      Sorry about the streaming, but you can keep dreaming…ok, I went for the cheap rhyme, it’s early. 😉


      1. They actually both sound completely American to me, even knowing that they’re both English – and I grew up with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry’s comedy sketch show 🙂

        Ah’m’a dreamin’… of some streamin’… of da Walkin’ Dead… in mah head…


      2. I love a Bit of Fry and Laurie and of course, Jeeves and Wooster. I sometimes wish they’re do a Jeeves and Wooster movie with old Jeeves and Wooster.
        Accents are so tricky, I don’t even think I have one but apparently being from Northern Ontario I sound different, just certain words than Southern Ontario.
        Tons of the cast of The Walking Dead are not American so I think they’re doing a bang up job. 🙂


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