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Happy Birthday Paddington Bear!


As a child, I was a Paddington junkie.1padd14
One of my prized possessions was a Paddington toy that sat on my shelf on my desk.
I would wake each morning to see Paddington smiling at me (as only a bear can smile), with his jaunty battered hat, blue coat with marmalade stains (I don’t think there were really marmalade stains, but I imagined there were), his suitcase saying Wanted On Voyage, and his little tag saying, Please look after this bear. thank you.

When my son was young I started reading him the Paddington books, although he never seemed to find Paddington as enchanting as I did. He still doesn’t.

Since bears have 2 birthdays, one in the summer and one at Christmas…today is Paddington‘s birthday! Happy Birthday Paddington!

I reread some of the books, so familiar and beloved and I remembered what had captured my fancy.
Paddington Bear is everything the world should be. He’s sweet, smart, funny, polite, kind, helpful, always finding adventure, and always having a good time.

Notes on Padingtun Brown, 32 Windsor Gardens, Lundun, England, Yurope, The World:

Paddington Bear was first introduced to readers in 1958.

Written by Michael Bond and originally illustrated by Peggy Fortnum, this high-spirited, marmalade-obsessed bear instantly stole our hearts. Weird how we love these fictional bears…maybe because they’re not mauling or killing us.1padd5

Paddington Bear was based on a lone teddy bear Michael Bond bought for his wife on Christmas Eve 1956 near Paddington Station and child evacuees leaving London during WWII.1padd4

In Paddington’s adventures and misadventures everyone ends up having fun, except Mr. Curry who always gets his just deserts (without the sticky buns) in the end because of his rude and sometimes selfish behaviour. I often wondered who he was based on.

Paddington whose Peruvian name was actually Pastuso (not to be confused with Uncle Pastuzo, Paddington’s rich world-wandering uncle) was orphaned from an earthquake. Raised by his Aunt Lucy in darkest Peru, Paddington was sent to England after she had to go live in the Home for Retired Bears.

The Browns take Paddington home to 32 Windsor Gardens; yet there actually was no 32 Windsor Gardens. Hmmm.

Google celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first Paddington publication on October 13, 2008 by incorporating an image of Paddington with a sign showing Peru and London into their logo. Almost 6 years later, Paddington is now a senior citizen.

1padd16When I think of Seth MacFarlane’s movie, Ted (which doesn’t happen often) it sort of makes me think of Jonathan and Paddington grown up…or Stewie and Rupert grown up; either way, the British accents are gone.1padd1

Bond‘s books have since become several series, plays, parodies, etc., not to mention a huge amount of merchandise. Paddington will hit the big screen in time for his other birthday this year, Christmas, although Colin Firth has just changed his mind about voicing Paddington, what’s that love, not Darcy enough or are you just too sexy for that bear?

They’ve actually cast a few of my choices, Hugh Bonneville as Mr. Brown, Jim Broadbent as Mr. Gruber, Sally Hawkins as Mrs. Brown, and Julie Walters as Mrs. Bird, and somehow I knew Peter Capaldi would make a perfect Mr. Curry (though I’m still reserving judgment on how he’ll do as The Doctor in Doctor Who).


The first in the series, A Bear Called Paddington, is still my favourite. I always loved that Michael Bond wrote the Paddington books as chapter books, but each chapter could be a stand alone.

What are your favourite Paddington memories?




Very me

20 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Paddington Bear!

  1. I remember when the show used to come on Nickelodeon and I had Paddington in a raincoat at my grandparents’ house. When M was born, someone gave him Paddington pajamas, which I loved so much 🙂


  2. I love Paddington! I remember watching the old 1975 show when I was little. It was on the Disney Channel. I never understood the story, but I sure loved that bear! 🙂 I also got a Paddington bear doll for my 10th birthday from my grandma.


  3. I loved Paddington Bear when I was little too! Speaking of bears, I also liked watching the adventures of Issi Noho, the magical panda from the 70s. Do you remember him?


    1. Paddington was always cool. Yes, live action Paddington might be very different, but the cast is great. I wonder who will voice him now that Colin Firth has dropped out?


    1. Thanks so much for the reblog. I’m sure Paddington would forgive you for some marmalade, he seems the forgiving sort. Luckily he’ll have another birthday at Christmas (and a film this year), so you have another chance. Oh my, twin Paddingtons, double trouble! 🙂


  4. Happy Birthday Paddington Bear!
    Paddington Bear is an adorable bear, with all kinds of stories
    for kids and of course lots of adults still love him! Happy Birthday, Paddington Bear!


  5. I don’t know why but I was never read Paddington as a kid. I think I used to get him and Corduroy mixed up. The good thing about the movie & posts like these is that it’s piqued my curiosity to find some at the library to read to my kids 🙂


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