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Scandal, greed, corruption, lust, sex, lies…and butter?

Hugh Jackman and butter?
Ty Burrell and butter?
Olivia Wilde and butter?
Jennifer Garner and butter?


You may love butter on your corn, bread, popcorn, toast, or in cakes, icing, butter tarts, butter chicken, coffee, but after this 2011 sleeper you may never look at butter the same way again.1butter14

This ensemble comedy is a strange yet oddly funny satire of butter sculpture competitions  (rumoured to actually be about the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries). You decide.

A King of Butter Sculpting; his fixated social-climbing Queen; a foster child who never unpacks her suitcase; a husband and wife who want to help; a rebellious teen; an exotic dancer who will do anything for what she feels she is owed; a used car salesman still dreaming of high school; and Kristen Schaal sculpting kittens out of butter…

Standouts for me? Hugh Jackman playing a goof, looking like he loved every minute of it. Quite a departure from his usual parts.


Rob Corddry was surprisingly serious and good.Yara Shahidi has a very promising future as an actress, she’s amazing.  Olivia Wilde was, well, wild.


To me this had the same feel as some other under-rated satires such as: Drop Dead Gorgeous, Little Miss Sunshine, A Mighty Wind, Waiting For Guffman, Best In Show…and a little like The Campaign, but much more family-friendly.
Sadly this Butter needed a bit more churning and clarification. I don’t feel the need to shred a movie because it lacks culture, I like some cheese now and then. Granted it could have had a higher melting point, but it’s good points outwhey it’s less than good points.

Butter’s gotten a bad rap in the last few years so I doubt the title helped.

Some not-so-subtle life lessons including but not limited to: be yourself, believe in yourself, and don’t limit yourself.


Make Your Butter Better
110g (4oz) butter1butter
2 tablespoons finely chopped herbs (the sky’s the limit, you decide, or make several)
A few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice

To begin, cream your butter then slowly add the herbs then the lemon juice.

Then form into a roll with parchment paper, tightening the ends. Refrigerate until hardened, then slice. This can be used to cook with or to serve.

 *For those who enjoy spice add some peppers or paprika. Or nuts or fruit or veggies. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun. Cooking like other forms of entertainment should always be about the fun.




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4 thoughts on “Butter

  1. Butter
    This sounds like an excellent show.
    Butter is one of the things that I buy, now that you have “Make Your Butter Better”
    I have to try the recipes. I love Butter…..


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