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When I went to see this at the theater 5 years ago it was for my young son yet I ended up enjoying it much more than he did.
It’s rare that the first few of minutes of a movie make me cry.
The folks from Pixar managed to outshine so many love stories  with Carl and Ellie’s simple yet heart-melting love story…yes, and in animation, with Ed Asner as the hero.
How did they do that?


The rest of the movie was interesting, filled with funny and poignant moments, most supplied by Ed Asner who has built an entire career on being a curmudgeon. I can see Spencer Tracy and Walter Matthau in Carl, because we love grumpy old men, why, because they’ve lived through a lot, you understand their gruffness comes from a place of caring, and well, they’re funny. I think we’d all like to be Carl and just say, to heck with it and fly off in a house held aloft by balloons, just once.

In the wrong hands this could have been about a sad old man on a suicide mission to join his deceased wife, but instead it’s a joy-filled romp that shows that real life adventures are about those moments you have that make you and others happy.

So whether you enjoy Up for the fun and frolic; for the gentle moments; for the life lessons – sometimes you have to lighten your load by getting rid of things that are holding you down or you’re holding onto; or for Dug or Kevin or Russell or Carl or Muntz; Up may be corny, but it’s sweet corn with plenty of butter.


The final message made me really think, don’t forget to always turn to the last page and no matter what happens in life, fill up the whole book and don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be all exciting or extreme or unusual or filmed or tweeted or Facebooked or expensive…you just have to be in the moment to make it special.

I hope everyone finally reaches their Paradise Falls, whatever it may be…and gets their merit badge.




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7 thoughts on “UP!

  1. I still need to check out this movie. It all started when I saw that YouTube video with the guy singing Frozen’s “Let It Go” as 21 different Disney characters (which was amazing!). The characters included two of the dogs from this movie, and that caught my attention (since there was one part where the guy was singing as Dug, “I don’t care what they’re going to—squirrel!”). Thanks for posting this–now I’m even more interested! 🙂


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