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He’s a handsome, laid-back, unmotivated, charmer police officer who has never met a rule he doesn’t try to break, or bend or dent just a little.  And he needs a partner who can manage him.

Vexed revolves around the exploits of London police officer DI Jack Armstrong played by sexy ginger Toby Stephens who I never knew was funny because he usually performs in serious stuff like: Die Another Day, Jane Eyre, Black Sails, Waking The Dead, Robin Hood, Strike Back, etc.

His Mum is Dame Maggie Smith, his dad Sir Robert Stephens so acting talent is a bit of a given.


In Series 1 of Vexed DI Armstrong gets a new partner, DI Kate Bishop played by the hilarious Lucy Punch (Hot Fuzz, Ella Enchanted,  Doc Martin, etc.). She’s efficient and ambitious, but her life is falling apart. Only 3 episodes, S1 was a lot of fun, though parts felt a little over-the-top and sometimes even uncomfortable.


But I forged on to Series 2 and was rewarded for my effort with 6 episodes of head-shaking amusement.

New partner D.I. Georgina Dixon played by the lovely and talented Miranda Raison (Doctor Who, Spooks/MI-5, Silk, 24:Live Another Day and the voice of Millie in Thomas & Friends, etc.) gave the show a fresh energy and brings out the best, er, maybe the worst in her partner.


Great supporting cast with Roger Griffiths, Ronny Jhutti, Nick Dunning and various other souls that end up vexed.


Lovely and refreshing mischievous dark commystery, er, dramedy, um, copdramedy? Ok, it’s a comedy with some police drama and mystery thrown in, major emphasis on the comedy.

Please tell me there’s a Series 3.




Very me

6 thoughts on “Vexed

  1. Vexed
    This sounds like an excellent show… I’ve never watched it, but I might
    now that I know it’s a police drama and a comedy in a series….


  2. And after you (archives) lured me in with “bacon” I saw the link to this at the tasty end of “Bacon.” I’ve been seeing this title on Netfix, but figured it was just more cop show violence and noise. Thanks so much, Donna, for this review. I will definitely check it out! You were so very right about Psych. It’s my Netflix go-to now. So I have to at least check Vexed too. Mega hugs my friend!


    1. Mmmmm, bacon, sorry, I forgot what we were talking about, oh yes, Vexed…let me know what you think. 🙂
      Psych, was there ever a bad episode or even a less than hilarious episode? If I ever feel like cheering up, all I have to do is watch it and I’m there. 🙂
      Megahugs!!! Hope this day treats you kindly. 🙂


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