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For Sale: Dracula’s Castle

1drac1Bran Castle, Transylvania (Romania)

Also known as Dracula’s Castle.

Previous owners, Habsburg royal family.
60 timbered rooms, some connected by underground passages (most not haunted).
Plenty of bathrooms.
Dungeon that can easily be converted into a family room, playroom or man cave.
A view of the river and Carpathian mountains.
Turrets. Can double as a fortress.
Described in Bram Stoker’s famous 1897 novel Dracula.
Cozy. Well-kept. Close to skiing, medieval cities and other castles.
Asking price $135 million.
Contact J. Harker at 555-dead or @harkerj


There is much speculation upon whom Bram Stoker based his Count Dracula.

Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, Vlad the Impaler who had a fondness for drinking human blood and impaled his enemies?

Or Manus “The Magnificent” O’Donnell a brutal ruler of Ireland who could apparently cut anything in half with his ancient sword; an ancestor of Stoker?

Or Countess Erzsebet Bathory who tortured, killed and bathed in the blood of her young female virgin victims?

Or a combination? All interesting to read about, but probably not much fun at a party.

I always thought vampires were just a thinly veiled analogy to colonialism, politicians, and businessmen.

Ancient Mesopotamians, Greeks, Romans, Hebrews, etc. all sunk their teeth into legends of vampiric entities.


Gothic lit was a way to explore and soothe anxieties about a changing world, sexual repression, and religious issues.

Vampires represented subconscious expressions of suppressed desire, fear, lust, yearning to have more, be more…be.
Or maybe sometimes a vampire is just a vampire.

Original titles include: The Dead Un-Dead and The Undead.

Bram Stoker wrote 12 novels.

The 3 Brides of Dracula were actually related to him, and each other.

Dracula has spawned 1000s of movies, books, parodies, subcultures, fashions, music, games, and more. Rivaled only by Sherlock Holmes.

Even though Dracula never lived in Bran Castle, it doesn’t mean you can’t.

If you have over a hundred million dollars to spare.

Or if you care.

Or dare…1drac2



Very me

19 thoughts on “For Sale: Dracula’s Castle

    Bran Castle seems like such a great place to live… but over a hundred million dollars
    to spare is just not in my book….

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  2. Culture is very interesting when seen through someone’s else experiences. My husband is Romanian. It was funny to us that when he first came to the States, my husband had no idea who this Dracula was. Americans only know a few things about Romania . . . Nadia Cominchi (sorry if i spelled that wrong, Nadia) and Dracula. My husband never knew about Dracula the novel or the movies. Apparently during Communism, Dracula was out, but Dallas was in. Lol. My husband could tell me who shot J.R. The president, Nicolae Caucescue (pardon, my spelling) liked Dallas. My husband would get irratated when a friend repeatedly asked him to say, “I don’t drink wine.” It wasn’t funny at all to him. Vlad Drac is considered an evil, evil person to many Romanians. Some ppl get offended it you bring it up in conversation. I obviously don’t speak for all Romanians, just the one’s i have met. It says says something about the man, old Vlad, when the worst dictator of Romania immortalized Vlad on a set of stamps in the 80’s. Hmm, was the ole boy Nick trying to make a statement?

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    1. Culture is so fascinating. Yes, we only know about other countries by reading. talking to others, visiting, or living there. And even people within your own country you often only know what you know or think you know. I think history is important because so much of what is happening now has happened before and will happen again. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


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