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So while Rob Ford makes more headlines for  hanging around cottage country instead of rehab for the long weekend, big bro Doug Ford is busy insulting people with Autism and those who love them.

Doug Ford thinks a residential home for developmentally disabled youth in his ward is a “nightmare” for the neighbourhood. While his heart (ha!) goes out to the families of Autistic children, they have “violent tendencies” that will disrupt the neighbourhood and it should be relocated. Ford was told of this home in advance, but once some would-be voters complained he suddenly started thinking it was an issue.1autism7

According to Ford this home for some people with Autism has ruined the community. Apparently these Etobicoke families have worked hard for their homes and having child with Autism in the neighbourhood will destroy the entire neighbourhood.1autism5

I wish I was surprised by Ford’s prejudice about children and adults with Autism, but there are always ignorant people out there who would prefer to believe some myth, or story, or preconception, or bias than reality.

Bigotry is what it is. But electing bigots to run a city, especially one as diverse and populous as Toronto is destructive and divisive.1autism4

Doug Ford thinks that lying about children with Autism by saying they’re violent offenders will please a few narrow-minded, vulgar voters in the Ford Nation.

Ford expressed surprised that these children with Autism would be leaving the houses and going outside? What century is this guy from? Does he think they sit in the house all day? No, they go out to activities, have friends, go to school, have jobs, etc. Sad to know there are people this cruel and ignorant out there.

He’s worried about the crime rate in Etobicoke? Umm, isn’t this the neighbourhood where Rob Ford hangs around with crack dealers, buys drugs, drives drunk, etc.? Wouldn’t that have more to do with dragging down values and property values?

Instead of showing any sort of compassion, empathy, or respect toward people with special needs, disabilities, or mental health issues, Ford decides to bash them.autism5

I have a child with Autism. He has never ruined anything. He’s not a nightmare. He’s a wonderful person. Any neighbourhood would be enriched by having him in it. On the other hand I would never want to live anywhere so intolerant, bigoted, and twisted that would begrudge youth with Autism a safe and happy place to live.

 The way people and a society treat their most vulnerable says everything.

Intolerance comes from lack of knowledge and as we’ve seen, there’s plenty of that.




Very me


    That is so disgusting. Doug Ford should get some lessions to
    become a human being….


  2. Crap on toast. I am a major fan of autistic people, because with them, what you see is what you get.

    Yes, I know some autistic kids are handfuls and tough to manage and exhausting for their families and those around them. I am not thinking flowers and butterflies here.

    Still… all my life, I have found myself realizing that many many people I was attracted to and cared for were borderline, high functioning autistic, people who didn’t play the social games and “get” the “everyone knows this!” preconceptions that drive society. I never got those preconceptions either, whatever that says about me.

    So when a business client of mine brings his full blown autistic son along for an appointment I feel like it’s a privilege and I catch myself fretting, wondering if young Jimmy will be OK in a group home if that’s where he’s apt to end up. Goddam, he doesn’t need Doug Ford’s likes casting aspersions on him.


    1. Very true. People all have different talents, personalities, challenges and to discriminate is not only wrong, but we would miss out on their gifts. Thanks for dropping by and for caring. 🙂


  3. I cannot believe that anybody in this day and age can be so narrow minded and prejudiced about something that is so common place. Every family must surely have a member/relative/close friend finding themselves somewhere on the autism spectrum.


  4. Is this man compulsively stupid? I read so much about him from others here and can’t believe people would vote for someone so inept and so lacking in any sort of social skills. Is he really that ignorant or is it arrogance on his part that he imagines himself some sort of man of the people guru? My dad would have called him ‘ a blawhard’. I’ll stick with that for fear of causing offence at what I’d like to call him.x


    1. Between his brother the Mayor and him they have way too much power and the ability to say and do these horrible things with no consequences. A blawhard…sounds about right and much nicer than I was thinking. 😉


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