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The legal dramedy, Boston Legal was not so much a TV series as a work of pop culture art.

The sublime and bizarre bromance of William Shatner and James Spader may have been the pulsing heart of this show, but the various amazing cast and guest stars certainly helped shore them up.


Transplanting regular Alan Shore (James Spader) and guest star, William Shatner (Denny Crane) from The Practice they knew they’d have a hit, but I’m not sure anyone could have predicted the  impact of this show.

Known for confronting and often attacking social issues in a comedic fashion, BL was also infamous for tapping repeatedly at the Fourth Wall, hanging up a picture or two, they sometimes even painted it with Star Trek references.

BL started off strong, 1boston4but chugged along in the final season with fewer highlights.  Being put on hold due to the success of Grey’s Anatomy, cast changes, infighting, the on-again off-again writing, etc., well, toward the end it was clear they just wanted to get to their 100th episode for syndication purposes.

Worth watching? Definitely.

While it only came on air 10 years ago it was instantly a classic.

Denny Crane!1boston6




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5 thoughts on “BOSTON LEGAL

  1. “sublime and bizarre” is right.

    I love that episode where Denny assmbeled the Air Force survival rifle and shot the guy who was threatening the office.

    And Lincoln. OMG, Lincoln.


  2. BL remains among my all-time fave shows. I watch the dvds regularly. One of the smartest shows I’ve seen- and the interplay between Alan and Denny was sublime. Love this!


    This show I’m sure was a good show….but it’s one that I never watched…
    but reading the article on this, it’s sounds like such a great show….


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