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So once again Mother’s Day rolls around.

I usually get my Mom a gift card for wine. I say since I drove her to drink I should at least help her with that. Come to think of it, she’s never disagreed with that joke.


Mother’s Day with a child with Asperger’s Syndrome tends to be somewhat different than the average Mother’s Day.1mom4

Here’s  a sample.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I love you as much
as money.
Believe me, from my son this is extreme praise, he loves money.

I think of each day since I’ve had my son as Mother’s Day.

I know people say it’s the hardest job in the world, but I don’t think it’s a job so much as an honour. I love him. I take care of him. I want him to be the best he can be.  Also, I’ve never tried all the other jobs in the world.

The holiday didn’t start out as hearts, cards, flowers, and breakfast in bed, it was actually started by Anna Jarvis who followed in her mother’s footsteps, Ann Reeves Jarvis to bring awareness to infant and maternal mortality rates, sanitary conditions, contaminated milk, mothers mourning for fallen soldiers, and for peace.

Anna Jarvis, the Mother of Mother's Day.
Anna Jarvis, the Mother of Mother’s Day.

U.S. President Woodrow Wilson officially set aside the second Sunday in May for the holiday, that was in 1914, 100 years ago.

Anna Jarvis had never had children herself and her idea of Mother’s Day was to celebrate your mother, not all mothers.
Incensed when the holiday turned commercial, Jarvis spent her sizable inheritance, her energy, and her health to change it back.
She died broke, poor and alone in a sanitorium.

She went insane defending her idea of a day set aside for her Mom.
I guess most people would think she was crazy in the first place for not profiting herself from Mother’s Day, but I think she didn’t want it to be just another day for corporations to profit.

She wanted it to stand for the rights of women and children and your own Mother.

Mother’s Day is now celebrated in many countries in the world although not always in May.1mom3

Mr. Rogers was known for his sweaters, many of the knitted by his Mom.

3rd largest greeting card day, Christmas and Valentine’s Day still beat it.1mom8

Flowers, gift cards, and clothes are the most popular gifts for Mothers.

The youngest mother on record was 5 years and 7 months. The oldest was 65.

England has celebrated Mothering Sunday for hundreds of years on the 4th Sunday of Lent.

I guess maybe in some ways, Anna Jarvis didn’t realize, it’s still Mother’s Day (singular Mom) and Mothers’ Day (plural Moms).
It doesn’t have to be about the gifts, just about what’s in your heart.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, all the Moms, and the wonderful women who think of the world as their children and try to bring hope, peace, and change.1mom6



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  1. It’s interesting to read about the history of Mother’s Day. Our family didn’t observe it when I was growing up but now I’m a mother myself I appreciate my mum much more!


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