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Here we go again. It was getting a little slow for the late night show hosts, now they have more Ford fodder. Another crack video. Another racist, sexist, homophobic rant.
This time topped with a quick exit to get professional help, maybe another personal trainer?
1crazy3 Whether it’s just a political ploy to get ahead of the scandals or a real attempt at help remains to be seen.

1crazy12I’ve just finished the book, Crazy Town: the Rob Ford Story (Viking/Penguin).

The author, Robyn Doolittle and another reporter, Kevin Donovan broke the story of Ford’s crack smoking almost a year ago.

Ford and his brother lied, tore her character apart, tried to get her fired, etc. Why? Because she told the truth. This is their pattern, attack and lie about those who tell the truth about them.

Despite all that this is a great book. Well-written, factual, straightforward, and enlightening.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Rob Ford, most carefully cultivated by Ford and his advisors.

He’s a man of the people. Yes, the really rich people, he’s a multi-millionaire.

He’s out of control. He’s a loose cannon. Overused to excuse inappropriate behaviour.

Rob Ford figured out pretty quickly what he lacked in intelligence he made up for in charisma. I don’t see it myself, but people seemed mesmerized.

If you can’t give quality, then you give quantity, in his case boasting, bragging, and talking to anyone who’ll listen.

So he carefully cultivated a persona. Like Stephen Colbert rabid Republican persona to mock Republicans, Ford pretends to be a regular guy so people will identify with him.1crazy4

Ford’s rude comments aren’t random, they play to his base.
These alleged slips of the tongue, these homophobic, racist, and sexist remarks got him into office and will keep him there.


Ford could have stopped the gravy train without making Toronto a global joke. Without getting high with criminals. Without buying drugs. Without driving drunk. Without racist, sexist, and homophobic comments.

History will tell what his impact on the city of Toronto really is, financially and otherwise.

Everyone screamed bloody murder when Donald Sterling made racist remarks, yet here in Canada we tolerate the intolerable with a there’s-nothing-we-can-do-about-it shrug.1crazy1

This is about privilege. Ford is rich. He’s Mayor of Toronto. He has friends in high and low places. The average person admitting to all these crimes, we’d be charged.

Rob Ford might be an addict. More likely he’s just an entitled, spoiled, arrogant, bigoted rich guy with a case of arrested development he’s forcing on others.

If Ford loves his city, really, then why he abusing it?1crazy10

I hope I used small enough words for the Ford Nation. Remember, there’s no shame in admitting you were fooled. We don’t have to have such low standards for our leaders. And please look up the definition of persecuted before using it…1crazy7

I hope for the sake of anyone who still cares he’s actually getting help.



Very me


  1. Lol… he is a big joke and a perfect example of a narcissist! I read that Chris Farley’s brother had said that he (Chris) would have had fun impersonating Rob…indeed!


  2. Another blogger from your neck of the woods writes very pointedly on this character too. His is a dangerous sort political roulette. He obviously needs to be halted. I wish all you citizens luck and determination in ousting him.x


    Sounds like a great book!
    Rob Ford is Toronto Mayor which has made so many mistakes that they know him all over the world…. Talk shows and the news make him sound like a new word around the house….
    Too bad the things are so naughty!


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