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Definitely Not Mr. Darcy


You find the modern world too loud, too complicated, and too fast-paced.

You long for the civility and simplicity of a time gone by.

You’re a divorced Mom of a young child.

Your ex is about to remarry someone perfect.

Your business is failing.

Then you’re offered hope.

A chance to be involved in a reality show based on Jane Austen’s vision of Regency England, 1812.darcy4

You get to dress, speak, and interact as though you’re in Austen’s world; a dream come true.

And if you win you get $100,000 modern dollars.

Of course, nothing is ever as civil or as simple as it seems.cf9

Haven’t always been a fan of the Austen spin-offs; too often seem to ride Ms. Austen’s skirt-ends.

This book, Definitely Not Mr. Darcy by Karen Doornebos (Berkley Books/Penguin) is different. The work is fun, engaging, and very appealing. It feels a bit like Bridget Jones if she was a contestant on a Regency dating show. The results are spectacularly funny and surprisingly touching.

This illustrates that what we want may not always be what we want. Or is it?




Very me

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