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Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

(Amy Einhorn Books/Penguin)


Some tread a straight path through life with no clouds or rain, little sorrow, little pain.

Others follow a winding path that makes some twists that never linger.

Some unfortunates were placed upon this earth to struggle through storms, trauma, heartbreak, and confusion.

Whichever path you take, laughter (add chocolate if you’re so inclined) will always be the best companion, shield, and liberator.


lets3This book jumps from strange to hilarious to ludicrous to creepy to disbelief to laughing-so-hard-my-sides-hurt, and repeat.

As a mostly true memoir we the readers are left to pick and choose what to believe. I’m going to believe about half, as I do with most books.

I had to stop reading it at the bookstore because I was getting a lot of attention with my guffaws, snorts, and giggles, it was like I was having a slumber party, middle of the day in a bookstore, no PJs, and without anyone else participating.

So I got it from the library and chortled, chuckled and giggled to my heart’s content…except for the get-a-life and you laugh too much for a Mom remarks from my teenage son.

Certain parts of this book will be relatable to different people for different reasons.

The conversation where the author, Jenny Lawson is lost and trying to get directions from her husband via cellphone is classic. I’ve heard this between my parents. Not word for word, but so close it’s eerie.

The conversation about the differences between reanimation, resurrection, simplification, the undead, and other supernatural elements, this one I’ve either participated in, overheard, moved away from it pretending I had somewhere else to go…worried about escalation, too many times.

As for the taxidermy, I’m from Northern Ontario originally…been there, stuffed that.


lets9The bloggers getaway weekend is so messed up I can picture actually being there. And enjoying it.

I guess trying to describe this level of madness and hilarity is impossible. You have to snort, guffaw, and giggle your way through why Neil Patrick Harris would be the most successful mass murderer ever; the egregiously amusing post-it notes; couch etiquette; the engagement party; HR work; the psychopath on the other side of the bathroom door; etc. all by yourself.

I wish you luck.




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