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Star Wars VII: An Old Hope

I admit to mixed feelings about Star Wars since George Lucas sold Lucasfilms to Disney.


True,  it’s still Star Wars.
Creepy, it’s Disney Star Wars. Scared of it I am.sws11

It’s written (so far) by Lawrence Kasdan and J. J. Abrams.
Still, not infallible, look at the ending of Lost.sws12

Not being released until December 2015 that will give them time to make it right.
2015 will be almost 35 years after the release of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Really? I know they want to make money, but maybe some things are better left alone cough cough, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.stars4

This will give new actors and actresses a chance to shine.
I will miss the original cast SW4-6, to me they are Star Wars.sws8sws9

It will give Family Guy something else to parody.
Family Guy hasn’t even mocked Star Wars 1-3, I guess they figured it was too obvious.stars1

I know I will go to see it, too much of a fan to miss it. And I shouldn’t be surprised either way…Hope R2 is in it, he’s the biggest hero of all the films.sws14



Very me

6 thoughts on “Star Wars VII: An Old Hope

  1. When will Hollywood learn to leave well enough alone? I too will go to see the newest SW flicks on the big screen, because I can’t not see what comes next. I’ll try to see it with an open mind, but in my heart I know that nothing will beat the feeling of amazement and wonder I experienced as a 10-year old when I left the theatre after seeing Episode 4. I was in awe!


  2. Can’t wait for the new films especially as my kids will be old enough to see and enjoy them too. We showed the oldest the films 1-6 (in that order) first time round he thought Vader was the hero and if you think about it hes not entirely wrong.


    1. Vader is an awesome antihero because he has traits of both good and bad…I can certainly understand, watching 1-6, in that order, it would be easier to be sympathetic to Vader.
      I can’t wait for the new films too. 🙂

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