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The Nerdist Way

ImageI don’t know what I was expecting from this book, The Nerdist Way by Chris Hardwick (Berkley Books), but I was surprised.

Now I will give it the penultimate compliment. I almost bought it. Almost. Then I ended up reading most of it at the bookstore and then borrowed it from the library. Sorry, new books just aren’t in the budget of a broke and obscure blogger. It was close though.

The internet loves to pick on people and Chris Hardwick (host of Talking Dead, @midnight, standup comedian, blogger, author, actor, podcast king, etc.) is not exempt.
One of the criticism I’ve read, often, he’s a sell-out, overly enthusiastic about everything and everyone.

Is he supposed to be depressed sitting next to, I don’t know, off the top of my head Nathan Fillion, Tim Burton, David Tennant, Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Matt Smith, etc.? Well, you get my point. He has a dream job. He’s a Nerd who used to be overweight who now spends his life meeting cool stars, telling jokes, playing with cool nerd stuff, playing video games…I’m surprised people don’t have to pry him off the ceiling. This is a good example of the internet needs to pick on something and that’s all they could find.nerd17

Having been a Nerd even longer than Hardwick (it’s an age thing), I really get it.

We’re not only no longer mocked for our love of all things Nerd, it’s become cool.

TV is packed with Nerd-friendly stuff.

So are movies, books…graphic novels lie thick on the shelves.

One can display their Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice toys without as many titters and snorts…

Being able to quote Family Guy, Doctor Who and Star Trek is considered knowledge, no longer just, get-some-help-then-a-life. familyguy7Just the accessibility of Nerd gifts, collectibles and memorabilia is mind-boggling, although nothing beats a stick of celery on your lapel to say, I still appreciate the struggle we Nerds have endured.

Our people have gone through the Nerd desert and come out into the Land of Facehugger soap, K-9 stuffies, South Park Christmas tree ornaments, dolt hats, Minecraft wrapping paper, Metal Gear Solid Risk, Carl Sagan riding a dinosaur with a lightsaber coasters, Buffy beach towels, World of Warcraft waffles, sonic screwdrivers (Pertwee or Baker era), Pokeball Death Star tees, zombie cookie jars, and Dalek cake molds.dw4This is like having the Heart of the TARDIS flowing through us.

We’re boldly going where Nerds always wanted to go.

Of course Chris Hardwick is exuberant, we Nerds are living through a golden droid era.

Back to the book being a surprise. Cool, yes. Funny, yes. Self-help book, yes. In case you missed it, the 3rd point was the surprise. Not bad advice either. Sensible. Reasonable. Helpful.

Having been a Nerd my entire life with a Nerd son I felt this book is a must read for those of us who are the shorter and slightly less offensive ‘N’ word.nerd16



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