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Fargo As A Series? You Betcha

Tonight is the night. Fargo, as a series. At the very least, should be, er, interesting.

The TV vision of Fargo has the blessing of the Coen Brothers and they got a producer credit, but that’s all. This series is all on Noah Hawley (Bones, The Unusuals, My Generation & 4 novels), good or bad.


This TV adaptation of the macabre comedy isn’t taking any chances with the cast.

Billy Bob Thornton as the malicious and unhappy killer with a bad haircut.fargo1Martin Freeman as the wretched, apathetic, well, actually just kinda pathetic insurance salesman.

Allison Tolman is the female police officer with Colin Hanks as her love interest (for want of a better term). fargo4The rest of the cast is similarly stacked: Oliver Platt, Keith Carradine, Shawn Doyle, Glenn Howerton, Adam Goldberg (let me guess, he plays someone funny and mildly psychotic), Keegan-Michael Key, Kate Walsh, Jordan Peele, Russell Harvard, etc.

If fans can get past the differences and I’m assuming there will be a few, Fargo could be entertaining in its latest incarnation.
It depends where they go with it.

If they try to make it fluffier they will lose the fans who loved it’s gruesome and eccentric gift.

If they try to make it even darker, jumping on the bandwagon, as though violence is a given, or it’s too polished then yer dern tootin’ fans will recoil.

It’s a fine, snowy line to walk. There will be some who will never accept this version of their beloved classic.

I’m going to watch it with an open mind, you betcha.




Very me

18 thoughts on “Fargo As A Series? You Betcha

    1. I loved the original movie so I’m a little fanned out to watch it, but I’ve determined I’m going to keep an open mind and do it. They’ll either go fluffy or hardcore, no way can they recreate the original. But the cast is amazing. Let me know what you think…if you watch it. Sweet dreams. lol 😉


      1. Hey, Donna. Just caught the first two episodes of Fargo. It’s beyond amazing. The plot dynamics, music, and cast are fabulous. If the makers maintain this quality, I can easily see the series attaining the same status as the film and it’ll definitely feature in my top 25 shows of all time. “Fargo” is my new addiction; can’t wait for the next episode.


      2. I’m liking it so far. Now, further into it, I’m comparing it less to the movie and just enjoying its insanity all for itself. Glad you like it, you betcha. 😉


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