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Resurrection. Although the ABC series is based on a novel, The Returned by Jason Mott you can see the resemblance to the French series Les Revenants/The Returned as well. The similarities while subtle are significant. Sadly, the US version is more sanitized; the French series is raw, with a creepier edge to it.alive6

Resurrection and The Returned are just zombie stories, but these aren’t your standard flesh-eating zombies (mostly).

These dead return to their lives as if time never marched on. Family and friends never moved on.

These dead step back into their lives as though they never left.


But what draws us to these zombies? Unlike the ravenous flesh-eating zombies, these symbolize our loss and our hope.

The mystery of where they were, how they came back, why they came back continues to intrigue us.

It makes us wonder, could it happen?

What would you do if someone you lost, someone you loved, returned?

We are fascinated by books, movies, TV series about the dead returning. It dominates our media. Perhaps it taps into our deepest feelings and fears. It helps us explore our troubled times in a safe mode, so to speak.

And so the Dead walk through our books, our phones, our TVs, our theaters, our tablets, e-readers, laptops, computers, graphic novels, our parties, and sometimes even our streets…clearly they have found our hunger for them is as great as theirs for us.




Very me

4 thoughts on “RESURRECTION

    Sounds like a really good show… I have to watch it. D.Parker makes the whole thing sound
    like a great show to watch……


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