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OK, weddings are well-known for bad food, tacky decorations, heavy drinking, theatrics, awkward conversations, and general self-absorption, but Game Of Thrones always takes wedding issues nuclear. I’m guessing George R. R. Martin has a general distaste of weddings.

Trying not to do spoilers, but good thing they have servants to return all those wedding gifts. Anyone else cheer during last night’s episode of GOT?

Margaery Tyrell (the tgot32alented Natalie Dormer) goes through husbands quickly. And anyone shocked by Joffrey (the most hated guy around and I’d be surprised if he ever acted again which would be a shame because he’s brilliant, Jack Gleeson) really needs to read the books. He’s been dead since around 2000. Love to say we’ll miss him, but it’s amazing how you don’t miss sadistic idiots. Although he was riveting.

I was on the edge of my seat, as always, watching the intricate machinations, the drama…the characters just keep me coming back for more.

So, Game Of Thrones Wedding Edition Part 2 shows us once again, you really have to watch who caters, who you invite, and those tricky seating arrangements.got27



Very me


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