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The Wizard of Oz turns 75 this year. It’s iconic. Love it or hate it, there’s no getting away from it.

1. Flying monkeys seem generally unpleasant, but still strangely cool.oz7

2. As difficult as this is to imagine, this movie almost hit the big screen without “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” because of time constraints. Wow, just wow.

3. I love the shabby coat The Professor/The Wiz wears, and guess what? It was found in a thrift store, and originally belonged to L. Frank Baum, Oz author. Again, you never know what treasures a thrift store, yard sale, etc. hold.

4. You don’t need fancy people, things, or promises to be what you already are. If you want courage, you need to summon it from within you.

5. Apparently having a brain doesn’t mean you’re a math whiz, The Scarecrow gets the isosceles Pythagorean Theorem wrong after he gets a brain.

6. Dorothy’s slippers were silver in the book, not ruby. They changed them to make them pop in Technicolor.

7. The design on Dorothy’s bedroom wallpaper in Kansas is poppies. Interesting.oz68. If you want to care, you need to do it.

9. Thankfully this wasn’t a Disney movie or Toto would have been a talking dog.

10. L. Frank Baum said he thought up the name of Oz from a filing cabinet, as in, O-Z.

11. Ever thought you’d like to drink oil? The Tin Man’s oil was actually chocolate so yum oz1yum.oz11

12. If you want to be smart, stop getting distracted by silly things and learn.

13. Remember when The Wicked Witch of the West tries to steal Dorothy’s shoes? Those magical sparks were really apple juice sped up on film.

14. In 1985 Disney made a weird sequel, Return To Oz starring Fairuza Balk. It’s messed up, but strangely cool.

15. I think Dorothy’s dress is boring, especially as it was really blue and pink, apparently white doesn’t film well.

16. Margaret Hamilton as The Wicked Witch of the West was deemed too scary for young children so most of her scenes were heavily edited or cut entirely. Hamilton had previously been a Kindergarten teacher. Hmmm.oz417. I always thought it would be fun to sky write Surrender Dorothy… just once.

18. I like the Cowardly Lion best, I think he was always much braver than he knew.

19. There have been many versions of this since 1939; while some are good, nothing seems to capture the magic of the original.

20. If you want to go home, find a way and if that’s not possible, make a new home for yourself and loved ones.

21. The Wicked Witch of the West never says,  “Fly my pretties, fly”, she says, “Fly, Fly, Fly.”oz14

22. So did anyone else notice Dorothy gets to Oz, kills the first person she meets then goes with total strangers to kill again and to see an old man pretending to be someone else. Seems a little Criminal Minds.

23. When you’re bored with your life, watch out because if you get hit on the head during a tornado you’ll have some freaky dreams.

24. W.C. Fields was supposed to be The Wiz…that would have been cool.

25. There are over 40 differences between The Wonderful Wizard of Oz book by L. Frank Baum and the movie, The Wizard Of Oz. Please enjoy both responsibility. 😉oz15




Very me


    I love this show… when I was I always cried when the wicked witch was the mean old person that she was…. I loved Dorothy and the cute little dog… Oh my, I’m thinking now, that I should watch the show again. 75 years is a long time, but I still love the show….


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