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homeland1I want to like this show. On some level I obviously do as I keep watching it season after season. Yet it  just seems so extraordinarily staged and unreal. Not that I know much about the world of espionage, security, treason, terrorism, etc. so maybe it’s totally realistic.

The cast is amazing, offering week after week of such high velocity performances it can be rather draining just watching them.

Claire Danes is annoying and majestic or perhaps just majestically annoying as Carrie the brilliant, beautiful, exceptional yet unstable CIA agent…is there anything she isn’t amazing in?


Damian Lewis is Brody (technically Nicholas Brody, but I like Brody better), the charismatic, brooding, and enigmatic American soldier held as a prisoner of war by al-Qaeda. He returned home as a hero, but is suspected by some of having been ‘turned’ and therefore a threat to America’s security. Lewis is delightful, as always, but I miss his accent.

And Mandy Patinkin brings it every time.

There’s a lot of tension in this show, maybe that’s why I find it almost tiring. Between the super spy stuff, the sex, melodrama, the frenetic pace, and the amazingly complex characters, maybe it almost feels like too much sometimes.

Yet still I watch.



Very me

11 thoughts on “HOMELAND

    1. My Grandpa always said, great minds think alike, of course then he added, fools seldom differ; I prefer the first part lol
      I’m glad we have such good taste, go us! 🙂


      1. I agree with your Grandpa on both accounts. Seemed like a very wise man. I’ll also assume that your dear Grandpa would have bracketed us in the first account. 😉


    I haven’t seen this show, but it sounds like an interesting show… Another one, that I should watch….


    1. Thank you for the lovely feature, Ian. I hope you had a good weekend and are having an even better. So far the after Easter chocolate sales haven’t picked up, but that’s probably for the best. 😉


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