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April Fool’s Day Changed To April 30!

april1Why do we celebrate a day full of pranks, hoaxes? Sounds like just another day on the internet.

There are many theories as to how April 1 came to be a day to fool others. None have been proven, or have they?

Some countries take it more seriously than others.

The UK pulled the infamous Swiss Spaghetti Harvest film that had people wanting to buy spaghetti tree.

april9Then there was:

  • the mummified fairy hoax,
  • Big Ben goes digital,
  • Smellovision (thank goodness this was a prank),
  • Y2K solved,
  • LA highways closed for repair,
  • Arm the Homeless (no, we’ll probably just use them as Wi-Fi hotspots),
  • Life discovered on other planets,
  • End of the world,
  • Bank teller fees (this one I wouldn’t put past the banks),
  • the Sydney iceberg,
  • U2 playing on a rooftop in Cork,
  • British weather machine,
  • Nixon for President again (1992),
  • Asterix village found,
  • interfering bras,
  • New Zealand wasp swarm,
  • flying penguins, april4chewy Vodka bars,
  • Space shuttle lands in San Diego,
  • people calling famous people pretending to be other famous people,
  • Wisconsin State Capital collapse,
  • UFO in London (I want to believe),
  • a law about not being able to use the internet when drinking (that would really limit some people)…
  • In 1976 renowned UK astronomer Sir Patrick Moor told radio listeners at 9:47am April 1 a unique alignment of 2 planets would cause an upward pull of gravity making people lighter at that moment – yes, apparently people tried it and many claimed they floated, wow, some people will rise to anything.
  • There will be many celebrity deaths reported today.
  • There will be publicity stunts like Burger King’s left-handed Whopper, Taco Bell saying they bought The Liberty Bell and were going to rename it Taco Liberty Bell.

fun with flagsYup, you will hear about Internet Cleaning Day where you’re asked to turn off all devices connected to the internet as they clean it up. Some people take it very seriously. Pranks, tricks and hoaxes can range from trivial to catastrophic.

Having been a fool voluntarily and without my consent I find this day an interesting phenomenon.

How about you? What do you like or dislike about April Fool’s Day? Do you mind that they’re changing it to April 30th so as not to interfere with income taxes?

So today be wary, but  have fun.



Very me

3 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day Changed To April 30!

    This is pretty cool….I don’t even know it’s April Fool’s day until somebody tricked me. I don’t
    really care, but there are lots of people who would care. It’s always nice to hear what
    D.Parker says about the day!


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