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The Walking Dead – They’re screwing with the wrong people

wd65The Walking Dead did exactly as they intended…left me wanting more.

And then Chris Hardwick tried to soften the loss on Talking Dead by saying The Walking Dead will return for Season 5 In The Fall. The Fall? The Fall?

Like somehow saying it’s Spring, Summer, and part of Autumn away makes it sound any better.

Just be brutal Chris, say it, say the words, it won’t be back until October.

We’ll be out of sandals and shorts again by then…Why? Why?

The episode was wild and how do I do this without spoilers? It will tear your throat out…

While I wasn’t shocked by the episode, after all, the graphic novels covered most of this already, with a few changes here and there, it was an interesting place for a TV show to go.

I can’t say as I disagree with Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) actions, and it does take the character to a different, more lethal and powerful place.
WD does this often, shows us the duality in people. That depending on circumstances we could all be Jekyll or Hyde.

And who knows what we would do during a zombie apocalypse? Who knows who would be or become?


It was fantastic to have Hershel (Scott Wilson) back, if only in flashbacks. He was there to remind us, it’s always right now.


So Spring will bloom, Summer swelter, September will creep up and then once, it will be The Walking Dead season when we will find out how…no, I’m not going there. Just know that things are going to get much worse before they get better.wd66

Until then, go out and live life.

Play, work, smile, laugh, cry, learn, love, hope, dream, find new things, rediscover old things, and find a sanctuary within you.

Now how about some BBQ?



Very me

2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead – They’re screwing with the wrong people

  1. Is there a site that you can recommend that tells more about what happens in the comics vs. the show? Yes, I am sure I can read the comics, but there are so many theories now on what may happen (knowing the show doesn’t always follow the comic). I don’t mind being spoiled either 🙂


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