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Shopping for votes

Douglas & McIntyre

You’re a pretty bauble. A prize. A toy.

Once citizens. Individuals. With hopes and dreams.

Just a vote. A statistic. An algorithm. A demographic.

Brand recognition. Selling a leader, a party, a platform.

But as Susan Delacourt argues in this book, when it comes to voting we’re not consumers, we’re citizens. Consumers have wants, citizens have needs.

Yet more hand-shaking and baby-kissing.
sforv9If we’re not sure on the product/politicians/parties they’re selling, more market research and voilà!
The candidate goes to a coffee shop and pretends to be an average guy. Rolls up his shirt sleeve. Tries to sound sincere. Feigns interest. Holds kittens. Tells people what they want to hear. Once you buy, you’re stuck with it.

False advertising.

False promises.

There’s no warranty for a politician or a party.

Wait until the next election, then, if more people vote or there’s voter fraud, that party gets in again anyway.

You’re stuck with a bad product for how many more years?

You can’t go out and get a new one…that’s it.

There’s little or no accountability.

Was it always this way or did it get really, really bad and we just let it?


Votes for sale.rf26

Governments for sale.

Our rights for sale.

Our future for sale.

Our children’s futures for sale.

Will any party be any different unless citizens hold then to account?

Unless there are actual consequences, why would they change?

This book frankly chronicles how we became a vote sitting on a shelf instead of engaged citizens.

This should be a must read in school, etc. as a stunning reminder that politics does penetrate ever part of our lives.

Use your vote. Don’t sell it.
Look at the man behind the curtain.

Vote and then hold our politicians to account.

Remind our leaders they’re to serve the citizens, not themselves.sforv3




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