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What Do You Believe?

believe31. I believe if the only thing you’re left with is your sense of humour, you’ll still be ok.

2. I believe that believing doesn’t necessarily make you a believer or thankfully a Belieber.

3. Believe, just be aware just because you believe doesn’t make it so.


4. I believe it’s not butter, really I do.

5. I believe people will do exactly what they want to do. Believe it.

6. I believe I won’t have another warm chocolate chip cookie. Oops, I believe I just got crumbs everywhere.believe8

7. If seeing is believing then what is make-believing?

8. I believe believing is an act of hope.

9. I believe the X-Files is still on in my head and so I stream and yes, there it is. Look, it’s Pusher.


10. I believe people do what they do until they learn what else to do, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Is anyone else watching the NBC series, Believe?

With the associated heavy hitters like Academy Award winner Alfonso Cuarón and Markus Friedman, J.J. Abrams, Kyle MacLachlan, Delroy Lindo it would seem this show would do well, yet, I don’t think it is.

What struck me are the similarities to Stephen King’s Firestarter with enough changes to keep the lawyers at bay or maybe King has been paid for this.


Young girl with paranormal activities on the run with her father trying to escape the big bad agencies that want to use her powers as a weapon. Really?

The young girl, Johnny Sequoyah playing Bo Adams even reminds me of Drew Barrymore.

It’s actually fairly good in a totally unrealistic yeah-like-that-would-happen-way. Of course, it is sci-fi/fantasy, you just have to believe.

I’m not getting too attached, I don’t believe anyone else is watching it.





Very me

9 thoughts on “What Do You Believe?

  1. Watching Believe. I don’t watch much TV. Two hours a week, tops and that’s all sitcoms. Now I’m watching Believe.

    I believe as you do, your points all valid and true. Thanks for a great post!


  2. I have learned a hard lesson with TV shows not to start watching them until the third season. I’ve gotten attached too many times only to see my show cancelled.

    Seriously I just started watching Mad Men. I think it’s gonna make it.


    1. I don’t know how many half season or 1 season shows I’ve watched, many I enjoyed so I’m glad I saw them even if they didn’t make it. I do wish they’d give more shows a chance, look at some awesome shows that got cancelled. I can see your point. Yeah, about Mad Men…lol 😉


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