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bomb41941. War rages on. Overseas and at home men and women did all they could do for the war effort.

Set in a fictional Canadian munitions factory during WWII, Bomb Girls was a wonderful dramatic series about how war effects everyone, everywherbomb2e, in different ways.

It focused on 4 women and their awesome costumes as they find love, experience loss and discrimination, support the war effort, learn, sing, drink, dance, live every day like it might be their last, and find life-long friendships, in between building bombs, of course.

Cancelled too soon, especially considering it’s numbers, a loyal fan base, and awards. Still, it got 2 seasons and a movie when it was only intended to be a 6 part miniseries, so I guess that shows how much people liked it.

I suppose it’s officibomb3al, the series Bomb Girls has not been saved. Tonight is the consolation prize – a movie to wrap it up.

There were moments when it reminded me of Laverne & Shirley, but with less bowling and more bombs.

So long Bomb Girls, it was swell while it lasted.







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