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detect1Woody Harrelson.

Matthew McConaughey.

Serial killers.

There…isn’t that enough to make you want to watch this HBO series?

Ok, a little more. This has the feel of a classic 40s detective film, with heaps of X-Files and some edgy Southern gothic flashes all sliding around in a David Lynch-like stew. The dialogue is intense and vivid; it’s lushness revolves, recalibrating to each character’s persona, making you want to lean in, as though you’re hearing a secret.

detect3Harrelson wields his usual laconic brilliance. Always feels like he’s just sitting around with a beer telling a great story instead of acting.

McConaughey really seems to be finding his feet after a few stumbles. He’s riveting in this series.

It was refreshing to watch a TV show that wasn’t a seemingly bottomless pool of selling iPhones, tablets, cars, and other products. Not all about the branding, the selling, even stopping mid-show to have the characters tell us the features of the car they’re in, or endlessly brandishing cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.  The cigarette smoking was excessive. I get the wanting to be authentic approach, but it annoys me to view everything through a haze of smoke.

This series really makes you contemplate evil and whether good can really be its balance. It also had a distinctly visceral texture that tugs you in, making you want more.

Designed to have a different cast each season so  S2 will be what it will be. So far it’s like a really, really grown-up Hardy Boys.




Very me

8 thoughts on “TRUE DETECTIVE

    This is an excellent show….must I say having Harrelson and McConaughey
    as real life actors.. It’s just a great show…
    You must read what D. Parker says about it,— a great edge on the series.


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