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World Water Day

Have you used your taps today?

Today is World Water Day.


Water. The essence of life here on Earth.

iwd6As you read that another child died from lack of access to water or clean water.

Over 3 million people die each year from water-related illness. More people have cell phones than haiwd5ve access to toilets.

Close to 2 billion people lack regular access to clean water and sanitation; over 99% in the developing world.

Women in developing countries spend over 200 million hours a day trying to find, access, and collect water. They are kept from getting ahead by needing to stay alive.

In the developed world we misuse and overuse water daily.

While we’re spending millions searching for one plane, over 20,000 children will have died because of lack of access to clean water and sanitation.

It takes over 10,000 litres of water to produce a single lb. of coffee. Same goes for a pair of jeans. More for a lb. of beef. Can you guess how much water is wasted in the process of fracking? In extracting oil? To make that tablet or cell phone? The numbers are mind-blowing.


Oxygen is depleting and acidification rising in our oceans. Both marine and human life are being affected.

Canadians use over 300 litres of water each day at home, people in the developing world less than 5.

10x the number of people die in Africa from diarrhea in a year than die of war.

Lakes, rivers, streams are being depleted, polluted, and overused.

Bottled water sales give corporations over $75 billion a year while they steal our water and sell it back to us.

By this time tomorrow, over 2,500 children will have died because of lack of access to clean water.

Water is precious.

We need to remember.

We need to learn.

We need to care.

Pretending to care isn’t enough.


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
~Dr. Seuss



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17 thoughts on “World Water Day

  1. I’m doing CARE’s Walk In Her Shoes challenge and one thing the money goes to is providing water tanks to people so that women and girls don’t have to walk hours each day carrying water, they can go to school or earn an income instead.


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