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Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book

golden4When I first read this title I was transported back to my childhood.

I loved all the Little Golden Books.

Books you read as a child made it seem like anything was possible and since I already believed that, well, I didn’t even consider them fictional.

Diane Muldrow, an experienced editor of the Little Golden Books classic series offers this shamelessly promotional yet strangely endearing memory feast for anyone of any age.

golden3This has helpful tips, reminders of what’s really important, and just a general nudge toward the simpler things in life from a time when life at least seemed simpler. It’s all pretty much summed up within these pages.




Very me

14 thoughts on “Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book

    All these books take you back to the time you read the books, and at first got them read to you! Little Golden Books goes back a long time ago, but I have good memories!


  2. Wow. Really? How wonderful! I must say – – one day in the Dollar Store (which I frequent a lot!) I found a gem. They were “Make your own Little Golden Book” kits! They had that goldish strip down the binding and blank pages. I bought them for party favors and I don’t even think the kids appreciated them. I kept none for myself and now I’m so sad. I ADORED Golden Books. The Poky Little Puppy was my fave. Thanks for such a heartwarming post!


    1. That’s an awesome party favour, seriously cool. Those times, in hindsight when we think, wow, why didn’t I…There are so many books and other things now, but I have so many good memories of Golden Books, they were awesome. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


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