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International Women’s Day

diet1Like most women I have spent too much time in my life worrying about my weight.

It took me a long time to understand the culture was the problem, not me. Having said that I’ve also lost a substantial amount of weight and am keeping it off, but that’s for health, not image.

Like most women I have tried every diet known to humans, also a few I believe might have been of extraterrestrial origin.

Low carbs, high carbs, no carbs.

Hypnosis (you won’t eat the fried chicken, you are the fried chicken).

Keto. Low calorie. Raw. Watermelon.

Chocolate (already there).

Bernstein. Tube-feeding. Egg.

Zombie (fresh brains).

Seafood. Jenny. Wheat Belly.

Martha’s Vineyard (does this involve wine?).

High protein, low protein, no protein.

17 Day (I didn’t even last 17 hours).

No sugar. No dairy. No fruit. No wheat. No food.

Beyond Broccoli (take me to this magical place!).

Green drink. Asian. Abs. HCG.

Hot Latin (sign me up).  

Shakes, powders, bars. Fasting.

Detox (am I going to cupcake rehab?).

Gluten Free. Macrobiotic. Grapefruit.

Aztec (Isn’t this diet extinct?).

Volumetrics. MILF. Gluten-free. Atkins.

donut1Hamptons. Park Avenue (I can’t afford to be on these).

Baby Food. Low fat, no fat.

Baby Boomer (not old enough for this one).

Biggest Loser. Hungry Girl. Subway.

Scarsdale (that’s a killer one…what? Too soon?).

Anti-Aging. Alternate Day. Anabolic. Acai Berry.

Fat Smash (Isn’t that the band that did Hey Now You’re An All Star? No? Should have been).

5 Bite Diet. Thermogenic. Blood type.

Peanut butter (awww, no jelly?).

Cambridge. South Beach. Zone.

Fat Burning Bible (as opposed to the other burning the other bible describes).

Weight Watchers. Flexitarian. Vegetarian.

My Big Fat Greek Diet (that’s ok, I make you lamb).

Tracy Anderson. Sonoma. Paleo.

Cookie Diet (while tasty that didn’t turn out so well).

Hormones. Herbs. Mediterranean.

Martini (this sounds promising).

Vegan. Fast Track. Slim-Fast.

New Beverly Hills (I’d like to try the Beverly Hillbillies Diet, they were all thin).

Warrior. Hallelujah. Master Cleanse.

Skinny, er, the B word (I can be that without being skinny).

Combining foods. Blending foods. Juicing foods.

Ice Cream Diet (they might not have meant Heavenly Hash, oops).

Crash. Curves. Cabbage soup. Cottonball.

Best Life (no, I’d rather try the Worst Life Diet).

3-Hour. Belly Fat. Glycemic Index.

French Women Don’t Get Fat (actually, some do).

Model Diet. Five factor. Shangri-La.

Can I get an Amen?

Exercise. Standing on your head while singing The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow. Did I mention exercise?


Why? Because someone told you that you were the wrong size.

If someone had said you were the wrong colour they’d be called a bigot.

If someone had said you were the wrong religion, well, that can start a war.

But it’s ok to say you’re the wrong size, more than ok, it’s encouraged.

The world is so size-obsessed we’re all twisted up like a pretzel, ummm, warm soft pretzel with grainy mustard, sorry, what was I saying?Eating should be about being healthy at any size, not being sold endless diets, making people rich from your insecurities.

That’s not to say you can’t be on a medically suggested or prescribed diet, that would be different, and again, for health reasons.

I’m also suspicious of any diet that makes you spend a lot more money (again, diets for medical reasons are unique).

Don’t think of a diet as a diet (as in die with a t), but as an established pattern of eating and drinking to promote a certain lifestyle.

The way I lost the weight – moderation (a radical concept I’ve had difficulty with my whole life). I don’t count calories. I don’t weigh my food. I eat a lot of veggies, some fruit, some protein, some carbs. If I want a cookie I have one. I don’t furtively eat them and then flagellate myself. If I want pasta I have it – I just don’t have 3 plates of it.diet36

Dieting was invented to keep women distracted and feeling bad about themselves. And it’s made a lot of people very rich. It works.

This is about all rights and freedoms. Women can be strong and stunning focusing on what they want to do, not just what size they are, what cosmetics they wear, what purse they carry, or what shoes or clothes or hair are in style. Those are things that can accentuate a woman, not be a woman.

They can be: smart, funny, crude, motherly, sexy, rich, quiet, sweet, rude, kind, loud, powerful, brave, bold, brilliant and more. Instead of worrying about it, men should embrace it.  The smart ones do. diet38I also realized I didn’t want to pass on my history with food onto my child. He should see food as part of life, not an obsession.

So on International Women’s Day focus on who you want to be, not who someone wants you to be.



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15 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

    Losing weight is a hard thing to do, for all of us over-eaters. D.Parker has such a great plan to losing weight, but most of us have to follow it….


    1. Thank you so much. I was astonished by some of the diets, the top was the cottonball one. I agree with you, glad I got smart before I tried them all. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


  2. It breaks my heart to see how many people (not just women) get suckered into quick-fit gimmick diets. The only thing that truely works is moderation combined with a little bit of regular exercise. But for many this requires a lifestyle change they’re not ready to make 😦


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