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Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar

kellyox7I guess I like Kelly Oxford as a writer because I get it.

I was a child who thought anything was possible. Anything. You can imagine the serious headaches this caused my parents.

I didn’t understand why everyone didn’t share my enthusiasm for my stunningly amazing ideas (looking back, not always, but at least I was trying).

Wrote my first book in Grade 3 (I think). Turns out it was completely plagiarized from Scott O’Dell’s Island of the Blue Dolphins, my favourite book du jour. I had a great teacher. She didn’t tell me I’d done something wrong, or mock me, or crow. Instead, she asked me to read it to the class. As I read it, I got it. I’ve tried to never do it again.

I rambled on so much I’m surprised no one ended me. I know, you all find this so hard to believe, I’m so super duper amazingly brief now, right?old images8

I also understand the teens and twenties rebellion…all to be outlined in my upcoming book which to date, consists of 3 handwritten pages, 1 scribbled-on napkin, and a lot of: maybe-I-should-wait-until-my-son-is-older-to-write-this-book-thoughts. You’ll love it, I had a lot of fun, sometimes with some semi-famous people; I promise to name drop and be detailed (from what I can remember).

And I’m a terrible liar and believe me, I want to be able to lie just to keep up with society. But I can’t do it, the truth just comes welling up, overflowing the banks of the Whatsgoodforme River.

You could say Kelly Okellyox5xford is a serrated individualist, well, I guess she can be an eccentric now because she’s probably rich.  And she’s originally from Canada. Oooooh, now I get it.

This book is honest, tempestuous, at times choppy, but always diverting.

Seen a few things that say they feel sorry for her children because she’s too candid. Really? I think her children know the most important things in the world, they have an honest Mom and they’re loved.

Ms. Oxford takes us from her geeky childhood to her wild child teen years as we’re introduced to childhood friends and foes, bad influences, the wounded, the lost, the found as well as the rich and famous (Ms. Oxford writes for movies, TV, GQ, etc.).

Thank you for letting us tag along, will keep following your exploits on Twitter @kellyoxford and wait for the next book.kellyox4

Here’s just a few more Tweets to get you hooked:

Spike Jonze, you don’t have to explain you hate public speaking you made a movie about falling in love with an operating system.

kellox2Not a joke, husband forgot Mother’s Day. My next husband won’t do this.

Kim Kardashian makes me long for the days when women like her were hired to show prizes on game shows and we never had to hear them speak.

Justin Bieber really is our King Joffrey.kellyox1



Very me

16 thoughts on “Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar

  1. Is this the same one that has the famous singer father? If so…UGH, no thanks! I loved the tweets you incorporated. Very inspirational…HAHA! Great blog read, thank you. Made me laugh!


  2. Yes sister, a favorite childhood memory is how most breakfasts you usually rambled on about the “dream” you had. Always so endless and elaborate, and clearly made up as you went along…


    1. Sadly they were real. I still have very elaborate and vivid dreams…I just learned that no one appreciates them so I no longer share. 😉 Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


      1. I’m glad you enjoyed them. 🙂 Your stories were always cool because you were super smart and knew, like, everything…so I doubt your dreams are boring, maybe they’re just so full of stuff. 😉 Hope you’re having a good day, week, etc. Thanks for dropping by again. 🙂


    1. I only picked a few of her tweets, but she’s hilarious. How many things like that have been said to children over the years? Too funny. Thanks for dropping by Kath. 🙂


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