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robford10That was it? Really? After all the hype? The wolf hoax at Sochi was more interesting than that.

Here’s what I got from the show.

1. We treat too many people like celebrities. Rob Ford is mayor of the 4th largest city in North American, the largest in Canada. He is not a rock star, or movie star, or reality star, or even some D-List-remember-when. He should be held up to the standard of serving the people, as an elected official, not a celebrity out on a bender. We need to treat our politicians as public officials, not just officially public.

2. We as a society will put up with anything politicians do as long as they say they’re saving us money. Even when there’s no evidence they’re saving us money or when there’s evidence to the contrary that they’re saving us money. Apparently just saying you’re saving taxpayers money or not going to raise taxes is enough. So those politicians can take away our rights and freedoms, break the law, smoke crack, really whatever they want as long as we perceive they’re saving us money. Let me go on the record right now saying, I like money. I don’t feel I have enough money, but letting these politicians do whatever they want to us in any way they want for money has a name.  Are we so obsessed with these politicians saving us money because we have no impulse control to save it ourselves?rf1

I hope this boring and flaccid interview with Ford will help Kimmel get over his obsession with the man and show everyone, including voters he isn’t John F. Kennedy (yes, that’s who Ford thinks he is), he’s a man with a drug and alcohol problem that needs to get help.



Very me


  1. He is such a complete travesty/tragedy. I wish that this latest idiocy will result in people starting to deservedly ignore him, but I’m not sure that I have that much confidence in voters hereabouts. People want the easy-sell- and he keeps on giving it to them. Regardless of whether or not there is anything like supportable evidence for the claims that he keeps making re. savings/subways.

    Good summary of the show. At the least it should, as you say, rid Kimmel of his seeming obsession with the train wreck.


      1. Thank you! I do tend to drone on, and when under the weather that tendency can get even worse. Since I tend to write the posts the way I talk, sometimes I can’t tell if I’m diverting too extremely from my main points or not. I appreciate your input- and, as always, your visits!


      2. I get that, my tagline is Vague Meanderings of the Broke and Obscure. No, I think you’re points were spot on and I don’t feel any drone vibe. Hope you’re feeling better soon. 🙂 I like stuff where people right as they talk, more conversational. 🙂


  2. Seriously felt bad for him. I couldn’t decide if I wanted Jimmy to kick him while he was down or if I wanted Rob to get a break. At least it concluded with Jimmy suggesting what we all know he needs.


    I agree…”he’s a man with a drug and alcohol problem that needs to get help.”
    We really don’t need to see Rob Ford on shows for basically movie stars….


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