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Dear Girls Above Me

Three Rivers Press

 Inspired by a true story.
What does that even mean?
True as in it sort of happened, but I changed a bunch of stuff?
True as in it could have happened, I mean, anything can happen, right?
True as in this is the way I think it happened, at least my version of the truth and there could have been some intervening factors?
I know the Twitter part is true, but my inner child who’s sometimes a cranky 90-year-old cynic keeps saying, the authors’ parents are in show business (the son of actor Malcolm McDowell and actress, Mary Steenburgen), so he made up the tweets to lead to a book deal, money, fame, followers, and eventually a movie. And so what? It’s entertaining.

Hmmm, I wonder who would play him in the movie?
Ryan Gosling? Too hot.
Andrew Garfield? Too associated with the web.
Robert Pattison? Too sparkly.
Kit Harington? Too snow-y.deargirls5Kellan Lutz? Too buff.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Too busy.
Someone from Duck Dynasty? Too camouflaged.
Seth Rogen?
Zach Galifianakis?
OK, now I’m just randomly thinking of actors with beards.
But I digress.

This book is funny, start to finish. Each page brings a different I weep for the future moment as we hear Cathy and Claire trundle through life on their clueless train to airhead land.
But the best moments come from Charlie McDowell’s reactions to the two girls as they overshare their narcissistic netherworld through the ceiling of his apartment.

I don’t know if this book gives insight or just laugh after laugh after huh after laugh after what the what after laugh.

Here’s some  samples of the tweets to get you ready.

Dear Girls Above Me, “I’m so jittery from this 5-Hour Energy drink! How long is this thing supposed to last?!” 300 minutes.

Dear Girls Above Me, I changed my wireless internet name to “JohnStamosCondo” in hopes that it might confuse & excite you. It did.

Dear GAM, (upset) “And on top of that Fergie was wrong, big girls do cry.” Please stop living your life to the words of The Black Eyed Peas.

Dear Girls Above Me, “What are the chances of me becoming the next Pope of England?” Honestly? Pretty good.

Dear Girls Above Me, “How does The Blind Side guy play W/O his blind stick thingy?” Sometimes I wanna cradle u & say it’ll all be ok.

Dear GAM, “I was away from my phone 5 whole minutes and no missed calls or texts!” Ahh! Gather the women and children and run for the hills!

I could go on, but it’s funnier to read the book,

or Follow on Twitter @charliemcdowell

or check out the website

Or all of the above or none…or whatever.




Very me

8 thoughts on “Dear Girls Above Me

  1. I love Dear Girls Above Me. I follow it on twitter though it tends to get lost in the other people I follow. I can’t read too much of it though because the stupidity of these girls kinda makes me sad sometimes.


    This sounds like a real interesting book. This book is funny, so maybe I should read it… The
    samples of the sayings in the book are really funny…I guess I should read this book….


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