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lucia2Lucia’s Masks by Wendy MacIntyre (thistledown press)

Dystopian future? Count me in…er, that is, on reading about it or watching it, don’t really like the idea of it. Hard enough to be living in it so far.

The book begins when Lucia comes home to find her one prize possession, her potter’s wheel has been destroyed. It was all she had left after a life worn to its edges. This final loss grants her the incentive to leave the decayed crust of the city to try to survive outside. Starts off well, but lags at times, but generally it’s worth waiting for the pickup.

The characters are multi-layered  and mostly you hope they make it through the whole novel. Although, as with most dystopian dishes you find yourself pondering why the group keeps a certain character around when they seem like a liability.

Lucia’s quest prlucia4ovides her with a diverse group of companions that join her on her journey. They are tested by man and nature, yet some of their greatest peril comes from within themselves and their group. As they fight their own demons we are reminded you can cover a wound, but there’s no guarantee it won’t fester and putrefy.

This book peels apart the layers, past the sacrificing of our rights and freedoms, beyond the interaction of individuals who would under ordinary circumstances barely speak to one another to the very heart of problem – we never appreciate all the good until its gone. Masks can hide many things: pain, sorrow, greed, lust, fear, etc., but can also give strength, and protect hope and love from prying eyes.

As the world sinks further into foulness, oppression, disease, pestilence, war, rot, conflict, overcrowding, and human misery we are reminded, we’re letting this happen, we need to question instead of blindly accepting. Technology has many benefits, depending on its custodians.



Very me

4 thoughts on “LUCIA’S MASKS

    I haven’t read the book….sounds interesting, starting with the potter’s wheel. It sounds like an interesting book, so I might read it someday… Personally, I’d rather watch the movie….


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