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As good as it gets?asgoodas5 What does it mean? Does it mean family and friends? Cars? Boats? Furs? Vacations? Cell phones? Big screen TVs? A closet full of shoes? Designer clothes? Fulfillment? Creativity? Faith? Love? Service? Hope? Charity? Peace? Contentment? Do you ever think, is this as good as it gets?

I enjoyed the movie, As Good As It Gets, despite some major oversimplification of mental illness, relationships, medical issues, etc.

My favourite part of the movie isn’t the relationship between Jack Nicholson (Melvin) and Helen Hunt (Carol), but between Nicholson and Greg Kinnear (Simon). It’s the most unlikely bromance in movie history, but highlights that friendship can grow between improbable precincts. And Cuba Gooding Jr. just kicks it.

The scenes with Nicholson, Kinnear, and ‘Verdell’(the dog) are brilliantly funny and sweet.asgoodas1

I fear it’s message is lost as our world gets more tangled, as reality becomes less palatable. Our solution seems to be rushing into a virtual reality. Instead of spending time and money to fix reality, we’re just racing to build virtual realities. So many books, movies, and TV series are focusing on dystopian futures because we’re already there.

Are we just going to keep slipping into a virtual world brought  through smart phones, tablets, TVs, computers, video games, etc.? If we ignore what we’ve done and continue to do to our air, water, climate, society, etc. does it make it go away? You can’t avoid pain by finding new addictions.

asgoodas4If what you have is only as good as it gets and you want something more…you have to be open and willing to see and take the opportunity. In this movie Melvin had to see that some people were ok, he did deserve love, and germs weren’t the scariest thing in the world, well, maybe. Perhaps what you want isn’t what someone else wants and vice versa. Enjoy reality, not a virtual representation of it.

So enjoy the movie…but live your life.



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6 thoughts on “AS GOOD AS IT GETS

    I love Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear… all three of these people in a movie
    make it great! I know some of the problems aren’t taken as bad as they could be–but it’s only
    a movie and most people could endure all the problems in a better way than it would be in
    true life…..


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