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Teen Angst Walking Dead

Carl Grimes (Chandlcarl3er Riggs), the son of Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) has been one of the most interesting characters to watch transform in The Walking Dead.

As the second half of Season 4 returned, we see Carl in a different way – defiant teen angry with his parent and the world.
Not that he doesn’t have a right to be, but having a teen angst meltdown during the zombie apocalypse isn’t going to mean loss of cell phone privileges or grounding, young man, you’re going to die, or get someone else killed.


I know Carl’s had a tough time. Really confusing parenting issues, noticing members of the opposite sex, remembering where his hat is, helping raise his baby sister, learning to kill, farming, eatin’ too much puddin’, hunting, wandering in the woods (don’t pet the deer Carl), lack of adult supervision, and of course, zombies.

He’s really had to grow up quickly, I mean, I know it’s the zombie apocalypse, but no one keeps an eye on Carl.
How many times have people asked where Carl is? Where’s Carl? OK, now how many times has he actually been where they said he was?
I guess parenting during the zombie apocalypse is just as challenging as when a poltergeist takes your child into the TV. Carl wandering off has been a major plot device in this series.
carl7Let me give you a clue…he’s probably not in the house.

Strangely, it made me think of the parallels between Carl’s growing up in the zombie apocalypse and a child growing up with Autism.
Both are growing up in a scary, confusing world where everything shifts and changes within seconds.
They feel insecure, perplexed, and feel that something is always about to jumping out at them. And because of the way people react to them and other issues with understanding, yes, even their lives are in danger, at times.

It will be curious to see where they go with Carl’s character (I know what happens in the graphic novels). So far Carl has seemed to thrive despite all he’s gone through. I reckon he’s sure doing better than some.



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3 thoughts on “Teen Angst Walking Dead

  1. i watch The Walking Dead every sunday i love it. and why does carl have to be so hott. if i could i would marry him. im a huge fan of carl 😛


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