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carygrant3There are just some actors that make you smile when they come on the screen.

Cary Grant does that for me.

I could go into a long history, but this isn’t that type of post. I understand CG had a really difficult childhood, trouble with relationships, but on-screen he was an elegant, yet somehow awkward, charming, and handsome leading man who could be romantic and comedic.  Born in England as Archibald Leach (lovely name, imagine how that would have rolled off his tongue), Grant seemed to struggle with some identity issues and there were many rumours, but I never understand why anyone cares about the private lives of celebrities. All I know is I can watch a Cary Grant movie and be delighted. Isn’t that enough?

Grant was well-known for staying away from politics, and making statements, etc. There were some exceptions. He publicly spoke out against McCarthyism in 1953 when his friend Charlie Chaplin was blacklisted and in 1963 for better gun control after the assassination of his friend, President John F. Kennedy.

Grant was the first actor to break free of the studio system, refusing to sign back to a contract he became independent giving him control over his acting, producing, etc.

Here’s a sampling of my fav CG treasures…what are yours?

Blonde Venus    Madame Butterfly   She Done Him Wrong   I’m No Angel    Alice in Wonderland    Born to Be Bad    The Last Outpost
The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss    Topper   The Toast of New York    The Awful Truth
Bringing Up Baby


Only Angels Have Wings    His Girl Friday
The Philadelphia Story
Suspicion    The Talk of the Town
Arsenic and Old Lace    Notorious    The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer     The Bishop’s Wife
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House     I Was a Male War Bride

Monkey Business     To Catch a Thief
An Affair to Remember    Houseboat


North by Northwest     Operation Petticoat   The Grass Is Greener
That Touch of Mink   Charade    Father Goose 
Walk, Don’t Run

carygrant1Everyone wants to be Cary Grant—even I want to be Cary Grant.”~Cary Grant



Very me

12 thoughts on “CARY GRANT

  1. North by Northwest, Charade, To Catch a Thief and Arsenic & Old Lace.

    Him and Gregory Peck are tied for my old-school Hollywood crushes. This week at at least.


    “Everyone wants to be Cary Grant—even I want to be Cary Grant.”~Cary Grant
    I totally agree! I watch his shows over and over again!


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