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pushingd1One upon a time there was a pie maker who could reanimate the dead with one touch and kill them permanently with his second touch. If he keeps the person revived for more than a minute someone else dies, a sort of mortality quid pro quo.

Like the short, but hilarious series, Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies allowed audiences to examine death and their fear of death. PD combined love, crime, mystery, always underlain with unfulfilled longing and hope. As we were guided through an eccentric, dazzling, patterned artist’s palette (although not a lot of blue) of idiosyncratic situations, it was really about appreciating how precious life can be.

pushingd5A lot of people compared it to Tim Burton’s style, but I didn’t get that, it was really felt like the antithesis of Burton.

Ned (Lee Pace) and Chuck (Anna Friel) are the ultimate star-crossed lovers as Chuck was murdered and brought back to life by Ned, but he can’t touch her again or she will die permanently so they have to be creative in the expression of their love.

Along with Emerson Cod (Chi McBride) the P.I. they solve murders and mysteries, bake pies, have peculiar conversations all from a euphorically vintage vantage. They also get to investigate who killed Chuck. Always nice to know who killed you, especially if they decide to try it again.

pushingd6Despite a huge fan following, the series was cancelled after two seasons. It still remains one of the finest cancelled shows ever. Yes, like Heroes there were comics to finish, but it’s not the same. We needed at least 2 more seasons or a movie.

Exactly like The Walking Dead, but cheerful, vivid, upbeat, funny, more pie, and less brutal killing and zombie attacks. So actually not at all like The Walking Dead except some reanimating of the dead.



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9 thoughts on “PUSHING DAISIES

  1. I loved Pushing Daisies. It was absolutely flawless. Apart from developing a, ahem…massive crush on Ned, I loved Kristen Chenoweth’s singing on it too. I did read the comics, but they were a lot darker. I also liked Wonderfalls a lot. I haven’t seen Dead Like Me, and I “can’t” see Hannibal, because it takes me about 40 minutes to eat a boiled egg after watching an episode. But, Bryan Fuller is an absolute genius. If only he’d touch Pushing Daisies again, and keep it alive for more than a minute…


    1. I really thought ‘Wonderfalls’ a lot of directions to go, as did ‘Dead Like Me’. ‘Pushing Daisies’ was a classic, it’s going to be one of those shows that one day everyone will go, what, only 2 seasons, how?? How??? 😉

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      1. I think people already do! It was popular in India when it was airing, actually. I read on Wikipedia that because it got cancelled early in the US, India was the first place to show all the concluding episodes! I remember most people I know watching and loving it, but I only started watching it after discovering Lee Pace on The Hobbit. He was so glam rock on that film, I had to watch his other stuff! Anyway, it was in a popular journal like Entertainment Weekly or something, which voted Pushing Daisies as the number 1 show to be revived!


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