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80s14As with many John Hughes films, SKOW is about making choices and living with the consequences.

For Keith (Eric Stoltz) it’s about being who his father wants him to be or following his passion. Asking Amanda Jones out is one of his acts of rebellion; doing things no one expects him to do.

For Amanda Jones (Lea Thompson) her choice is to stay in a bad relationship to be at the top of the high school food chain, or go out with someone else, or stand on her own.

For Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) it’s about risking her friendship with her best friend by letting him know she loves him as more than a friend.

For Hardy Jenns (Crag Sheffer) it’s about being a snobby jerk or a bigger snobby jerk.

80s10For Duncan (Elias Koteas) it’s deciding whether to commit larceny, vandalism, murder, or does he have time for all of it in his busy schedule?

This film does hold one distinction, fav onscreen kiss, between Keith and Watts. 80s12

Great romcom, cool music, and makes you think about your choices and their consequences. Some Kind of Wonderful…memories.



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