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So the Department of National Defence has said it’s a matter of National Security to expropriate prime farmland that was gifted to a soldier into infinity to build a training center for CFB Trenton. Prime farmland is the best choice, after all, why grow food here in Canada when we can import it from well-trusted countries like China.

Frank Meyers is 86 years old and he’s tired from fighting the federal government who have been trying to steal his land for 7 years. He finally, after being threatened and bullied, signed over 200 acres of land the government, land expropriated from him and his family. Heritage buildings torn down like they were nothing.

Frank Meyers is a direct descendant of Captain John Walden Meyers, a Loyalist war hero and founder of Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

The farmland Frank and his ancestors have farmed for almost 216 years was given to Capt Meyers in May 1798 King George III of England for his service and loyalty to the Crown. It was given in perpetuity, that means forever, into infinity, for always.

The incongruity of this story? They need to build a facility to train elite forces which is what Capt Meyers was – the special forces of his time, during the American Revolution.

Back in the day, thifarmer4s guy was a spy, recruiter, soldier, and commando. Patriot parents used him to scare their children into going to bed or eating their veggies with this guy as the bogeyman.

And the King gave him 1000 acres of land for his great service. This government doesn’t care.

Just as they refuse to Honour The Treaties with First Nations people, they also refuse to honour this gift given for military service. Land has been stolen from people for many reasons over the years.

What I can’t figure out is why people aren’t outraged about it? Maybe if it was about cell phones or Miley Cyrus twerking or Justin Bieber or the Kardashians we’d care more.

Maybe this is allowed to happen because of the secrecy surrounding government business.

Maybe it’s because Canadians know the history of others better than our own. Canadians make jokes about Americans being overly patriotic, but if this were America, we’d have all seen at least one cool movie about Capt. John Meyers by now, if not more.farmer5

But hey, here in Canada he has a plaque.

It’s paradoxical that our Prime Minister and a couple hundred other Canadian politicians and businesspeople are in Israel right now, on the taxpayers’ dollar talking about how Israelis and Palestinians have a right to their land and sovereignty when we take land from our own people. In this case, land from an elderly gentleman, land that was given to his ancestor, a veteran for service to his country.

Wow, they really have it in for vets, even ones from the American Revolution.



Very me


  1. And, the pathetic thing is…. even the people who DO care, can’t do a damn thing. There’d have to be another revolutionary war in America to get shit like this sorted out…. Maybe it’s time for Canada to have one of their own finally? Oh. wait…. I’m not allowed to talk like that, am I? (can anyone detect a note of sarcasm?) What was called being a revolutionary a few hundred years ago here in the U.S., with all their tea parties and declarations of independence would now get one considered a terrorist and all your rights vanish, thanks to the Patriot act!

    I feel terrible for this man….. I truly do. As I do for the countless Native Americans who got run out of their homes, too.


    1. That’s where it all began, people saying they’re discovering countries, how can you discover it when people are already living there? The arrogance knows no bounds. Everywhere rights and freedoms are being eroded and once they’re gone, then it will be too late. Thanks for popping by Erin. 🙂


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