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brides2This movie is funny for so many reasons and positions.

Anyone who’s ever had a run of ‘bad luck’ whether precipitated by forces beyond their control or poor choices or a combination thereof can appreciate this movie. Most people have had that day or week or month or year or years – you know, where one thing after another goes wrong. It feels like it’s spiraling and there’s no way to get it under control.

Hence the edition of Wilson Phillips with their No 1 hit, Hold On, telling us that things will change, that things will go our way if we hold on for one more day. Is that true? Not always. But sometimes it is and that’s what gives us hope.

brides5Even in this movie when Annie Walker (Kristen Wiig) thinks everything is going wrong, she was focusing on the negative and not seeing the positive.

Yes, she lost her business, jobs, her apartment, her car was a wreck, the guy she’d been booty-calling with is a schmuck, her best friend was getting married and moving up in the world and had found new friends, etc.

What she didn’t notice, at first, was she still had her talent and potential, she met a nice guy, Officer Rhodes (the adorable Chris O’Dowd), her friend still loved her (she was just caught up in her own thing, at that point in time), she had her health, her Mom was there for her, she was making new friends, and yes, it was a clunker, but she had a car.

It’s too easy to focus on what’s going wrong and miss what’s going right.brides7

The film didn’t break any new ground, it’s been done before, for better or for worse, in various forms, but it doesn’t make it any less funny. It’s kind of like The Hangover, with women. And funny way to point out how over-the-top and out-of-control weddings can be.

Melissa McCarthy steals the show…I like her in everything, except Mike & Molly, to me, it’s a waste of her talent for wild.brides1

So whether you’re on top of the world, or broke, obscure and holding on for one more day…take time to have a laugh.



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