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clerks1This film could have easily been stupid and insulting to everyone who works in retail or service jobs, instead we observed the wonder of Kevin Smith. 20 years ago Smith gave us his vision of serving for a living. I’m sure it was an eye-opener for some. Packed with crude humour, there was also a lot of heart and soul, and even pain presented.

Shot for under $30,000 (funds raised by Smith selling a large part of extensive comic book collection) this back and white classic highlighted the problems of the working poor, the underemployed, and the working bored.

It may have made some understand just because someone is serving you really doesn’t mean they like you, they may even hate you. The American and Canadian dream isn’t what we thought it was, we’re just not ready to admit it yet.

Crass and inane, Clerks resonated because so many could see themselves. You have to laugh, otherwise, the alternatives are bleak.

clerks2The rich spend so much time brainwashing people into believing the poorer people are the problem in their countries. Obviously if you have any ability for rational thought you can see through that cloud of lies. They try to convince people the poor want their entitlements, when clearly, it’s the rich who expect them.

The biggest welfare drain on our countries are Wall Street and Congress; Bay Street and The Senate.

Extending tax breaks are great for the rich, but extending any kind of break for anyone else will destroy the very fabric of your country.

The myth that the poor and disabled are the problem was conceived and perpetuated by the rich to focus the middle class rage on someone other than the rich. It’s a litany of lies spun from a giant web of crazy.clerks4

Realistically, wouldn’t you want to make employment more appealing instead of just making unemployment less appealing? Truth is, most everyone wants to work a good paying job with benefits…but those are few and far between. Of course, people hate low-paying jobs with little or no benefits and sometimes even those are scarce. The facts just don’t add up.

It’s convenient to be able to blame the poor, the unemployed and the disabled for all the woes of a country because the truth is hard to swallow – the rich and powerful are in control and you have no control.

Easier to blame vulnerable people with no defenses than go up against the rich and powerful.

So much easier to pick on the poor, the sick, the uneducated, the hungry, than stand up to rich, powerful, educated, ruthless people.

I’m sure there are lovely rich people just as there are horrible poor people, but to simply, nothing is that black and white, right? Sorry for any issues with generalization.

The rich are happy the Occupy and Idle No More movements remain unfocused, because throughout history once the peasants become focused, well, that spells big trouble for the rich.

offendedSo on this 20th anniversary year of Clerks we should raise our empty glass to those who protect and serve here and away; to those who try to keep us healthy; those who try to keep our crumbling infrastructures in place; those who serve us in restaurants, stores, theaters, government offices, and everywhere.

The boots of the rich must stay licked clean so they can see their pampered faces in them. Cheers!



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2 thoughts on “Clerks

    This is such a great show!! I got it on video right away! They may not have spent much money to make it, but it is such a great show.


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